ICE Goes After Another Liberal Sanctuary State

Usually, when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement people are dealing with an uncooperative liberal state which has declared itself a sanctuary for illegal aliens, it seems to be California or New York where the issues are.

Well…the latest state to be in the crosshairs is not one of those two population giants, but a smaller neighbor.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued three subpoenas with the state of Connecticut on Thursday, demanding information on criminal illegal aliens whom local officials refused to hand over and instead released back into the community.

ICE subpoenaed the State of Connecticut Court Support Services Division for information on three foreign nationals — of all them convicted criminals living in the U.S. illegally — who were arrested, but subsequently released because of state laws that prohibit cooperation with the agency.

States not cooperating with a federal agency that actually has jurisdiction over illegal aliens, criminal or not, has to be a priority at some point with the Trump Administration. Hopefully.

At first a novel action, subpoenas are becoming a more common action by ICE as it escalates its fight with “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

“It’s unfortunate that elected officials in Connecticut seem unable to grasp the public safety threat posed by the criminal illegal aliens these officials are attempting to shield,” Todd Lyons, the acting field office director of ICE’s Boston office, said in a statement released Thursday.

“These are the same criminals who’ve already been arrested for crimes by state and/or local law enforcement, often perpetrated against the very immigrant communities these officials claim to be protecting. Despite these short-sighted, reckless ‘sanctuary-for-criminal-aliens’ policies, ICE will continue to use all available legal tools to safeguard the public.”

It looks like this is a priority, as it should be for the public safety of American citizens. This is our country. Squatters who are violent criminals really do need to be removed from contact with our people.


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  1. Only land owners were legal voters in the early days of the Country because They had a vested interest n would bare arm to defend it. We should at Least go back to those over 21. And. With a job history. Or who have defended the Consitution. All others b happy to b here n free to advance. These kids have No idea of working n responsibility, but asking Big Brother Socialiats to take care of them! Well, Big Brother king got demoted 250 yrs ago when we took responsibility n got freedoms to work n proper. Compare Europe who is Still struggling…. Wake Up… Clean your Own room, do your Own laundry; cook your Own food ; get a job of some kind n start Participating in the great USA dream; having your Own stuff. Read the forefathers works. N lives!

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