Immigrant Black Professor BEGS Trump To Send Troops To Chicago


It’s an irony that leftists and Democrats love to ignore: the places in the United States with the strictest gun control laws are the ones with the highest murder rate. Naturally, the poster child of this phenomenon is the city of Chicago, Illinois, home of some of the most notorious political figures in American history.

Violent crime has been bad there for a while, and it seems that there has been an uptick in the misery of late. The people of Chicago live in fear, as was described by Dr. Jason Hill, PH.D., a black professor who came to the U.S. from Jamaica and earned his way to his position. He writes in The Hill:

Wannabe-commandos terrorize neighborhoods, challenging not only local authorities but the very authority you exercise as president of this great nation. The potency of your own presidency is ridiculed when thugs and barbaric criminals take it upon themselves to establish lawless fiefdoms, usurping the law and order on which this republic was built and upon which its continued existence depends, as they kill innocent lives.

This man’s suggestion for solving the problem?

I implore you to use your powers to suspend the dated Posse Comitatus Act, which unfairly limits your ability to use domestic militarization to respond to crises, and send in the resources necessary to stem the violence overrunning Chicago….

So again, I ask that you use your powers to suspend the dated Posse Comitatus Act, which unfairly limits your ability to use domestic militarization to respond to crises. Posse Comitatus makes no mention of the use of the militia, the National Guard, the Navy or the Marines. You can suspend this law and send in the forces necessary to quiet our streets and restore safety to at-risk neighborhoods.

While that might be an easy fix in the short term when comes to dealing with the violence in Chicago, that request is fraught with all sorts of pitfalls, one of them being President Trump being labeled a dictator for sending troops into a Democratically controlled city. It also does not address the root(s) of the problem: gun control itself, and the voting habits of the people of Chicago (or the machine that assures Democrats remain in control). Without those two issues solved, as soon as troops are withdrawn, matters will be just as bad or worse than they are now.

And then there is this as pointed out by a writer at D.C. Clothesline:

For the record, Posse Comitatus may be “dated,” as Hill suggests, but its passage was as vital then as its continued existence is now. A Reconstruction-era law, it forbade federal military forces from being utilized in a law enforcement capacity. The reasoning was clear: The military exists to destroy opposing armies and conquer nations, not ‘police’ American streets.

And no, presidents cannot merely “suspend” laws or create them out of whole cloth. Well, okay, Obama did it, but only because a highly partisan Congress allowed him to do so.

So, as much as Dr. Hill’s point is correct – violence in Chicago needs to be addressed – his remedy, unfortunately, is one that will not work.

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