Intolerant Liberals Strike Again, This Time Targeting McConnell

It’s becoming a common theme from the side of the political divide that calls itself tolerant and civil: the confrontation of government officials helping President Donald Trump away from the political arena. Former EPA chief Scott Pruitt and his family were harassed so badly he resigned his post. Department of Homeland Security leader Kirstjen Nielsen has also been singled out. Over the weekend, leftist protesters went after a Congressional target: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

According to the Washington Post, about a half dozen protesters showed up to the Bristol Bar & Grille in Louisville, Kentucky, after a woman spotted him there and put out a call for backup on Twitter. When McConnell walked out of the restaurant with two other men, the crowd let him have it, chanting “vote you out!” and “where are the children?” while they followed him to his car.

The crowd—which reportedly included a few members of Louisville’s Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter—broke into an “abolish ICE” chant while McConnell climbed into his car, and shouted “where are the babies?” at him before he drove away. One protester yelled “turtle head!” at the Senate Majority Leader a few times (a weirdly accurate comparison), along with jeers of “we know where you live, Mitch.” According to the DSA, whoever was behind that “turtle head” burn wasn’t affiliated with the organization.

Side note: “Turtle Head” is actually McConnell’s nickname on some conservative sites as he is not always loyal to the conservative cause.

In the case of immigration reform, though, McConnell has not obstructed as yet even if he does not agree with separating families at the border. In fact, McConnell’s wife, Labor Secretary Elaine Chow, castigated protesters at their home in the Washington, D.C., area who were also protesting. As yet, no effort on immigration has been brought to the Senate for any sort of consideration from the house.

Yet again, we see behavior that is causing those who were once liberal to #walkaway. Tell us again, lefties, who are the tolerant ones?

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  1. McConnell is a rat from the swamp and needs to be removed…Far better people can get Trump’s agenda through than this Tea Party hating dem globalist.

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