Investigation Of Anti-Military High School Teacher Reveals Child Pornography and Foul Language In Class

Gregory Salcido

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The investigation conducted by Paradox Technologies, a company that specializes in doing investigations and forensics work for law firms, on the disgusting, disgraceful Gregory Salcido who you may remember earlier this year made a complete a$$ of himself with an anti-military rant directed at a student wearing a sweatshirt with Marines printed on the front.

This was a habit of his though so the student and son of a United States Marine started recording the belittling rant that included statements like:

“Your freakin stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumbs%^ts. They’re not high-level thinkers. They’re not academic people. They’re not intellectual people… They’re the freaking lowest of our low. People choose to serve in the military because you didn’t take care of business academically because your parents didn’t love you enough to push you and then you didn’t love yourself enough to push yourself.”

Of course, this clown would not last five minutes in the Marine Corps I served in and I know plenty of prior military men and women that are far more successful than this foul mouth idiot.

The investigation by Paradox Technologies came to the conclusion that Mr. Salcido does not have any place in the academic world either and from looking over the report it is really amazing that this clown was able to remain in academia as long as he has… The results reveal a man that is clearly himself not a high-level thinker and judging from his statement on child pornography and other things found on his work computer he IS the epitome of the lowest of the low.

The owner of Paradox Technologies, Steve Hummel who conducted the investigation found dozens of violations of school policy and basic ethical standards. According to the report students that Mr. Salcido taught said he told them that is shouldn’t be illegal to download child pornography. In a recording recovered during the investigation Mr. Salcido said the following:

“You didn’t take them, you’re not in them, but you downloaded them, and you’re arrested for that? I don’t think you should (be). I think you’re a freakin’ pig, but I don’t think you should get arrested.”

During the investigation, there was pornography found on Mr. Salcido’s work computer at school that had images of a young boy pulling on a sumo wrestler’s thong like garment, a large breasted woman wearing only a revealing bra, a nude woman kneeling on a bed and a nude woman with small pasties on her breasts.

Some of the other things found in the investigators report include:

  • Nude images of women on his work computer, which had been deleted
  • Told students they had the right to kill themselves
  • Told students he would kill everyone in the classroom if it were required to protect his family
  • Used racial slurs when talking to students
  • Refused to follow the district’s discipline policies
  • Regularly insulted students, including cursing at them
  • Completed City Council business on his school district computer
  • Lied repeatedly during his interview with Hummel

According to the report Gregory Salcido has a long history of inappropriate conduct and has been disciplined in the past. He is said to have singled out white, Asian, gay, pro-military, and Christian students harassing them.

For example, he would aggressively question students about their religious beliefs, called one female student a “bitch” and a white student a “Nazi.” The report details an incident of him berating a female student like this:

“A girl in a short skirt was berated in front of the class to do a squat until she left in tears. He was previously warned by the administration in writing to stop this practice as it constitutes corporal punishment.”

The report prepared by Steve Hummel summed up the investigation of Mr. Salcido like this:

“History shows Mr. Salcido will not stop his unacceptable behavior no matter what discipline the district uses on him. Mr. Salcido places his students in physical and emotional danger with his behavior. Removing Mr. Salcido seems to be the only way to protect the students.”


While Gregory Salcido has been fired from his teaching position at the El Rancho High School, he is still listed as a Pico Rivera Councilman on their website. The difficult lengthy effort to recall him has been put in motion by the citizens of Pico Rivera. Why the need to recall him? Because the smug SOB refuses to resign.

The effort to recall him is an expensive one and the people of Pico Rivera have started a GoFund Me campaign to help with legal expenses.

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