Iranian People Not In A Forgiving Mood Against Mullahs

Hell hath no fury like a people betrayed. In Iran, the Mullahs running the place are learning that first hand. Despite efforts from the government to suppress the glee and giddiness of the people following the death of the country’s leading military figure – a man despised by the people he terrorized – the people are continuing to press for freedom unabated.

Iran killed an American contractor, then killed 176 innocents on an airplane. But the really horrifying thing is they killed more than 1,500 of their own citizens over the past months for the crime of protesting against the regime.

Despite that crackdown, they are out in force protesting again, showing the bravery of the Iranian people and offering proof they are not going to accept the ongoing corruption and oppression of the mullahs. They have seen the damage these fanatics have done to the world and to their own country and they’ve had enough.

And in a boost for the people of Iran, they received word via tweet in Farsi over the weekend that no less than the President of the United States, our very own Donald John Trump, is behind them all the way.

He followed that one up with a warning to the regime to stop its crimes against their own people, who are just standing up and asking for decent lives.

These two “tweets heard ‘round the world” may be the most consequential actions that platform has ever produced. By speaking directly to the Iranians and their oppressors Trump told them and the world we are watching and there will be consequences if the regime continues attacking its own people.

It will be much more character building for the people of Iran to actually do the heavy lifting, but if they need a hand, the United States will be behind them.

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