Israel Bans The Squad

Why the Democrat Congressional Freshman wanted to go to Israel in the first place is anyone’s guess, but two of the women calling themselves “The Squad” have officially been denied entrance to the American ally.

After first saying they would waive their anti-BDS law and allow Reps Omar and Tlaib into the country, Israel changed its mind today and decided to ban them from coming into the country on Sunday. In 2017 the Knesset passed an anti-BDS law that blocks foreign BDS activists from gaining entry to Israel as the BDS movement is not only anti-Semitic but calls for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel….

The change in the Israeli position was made when the government saw the Omar/Tlaib trip itinerary. Their trip schedule made it clear they would be spending their entire trip in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem and was intended to provoke hatred of the Jewish State and advance their BDS agenda.

Per Israel’s Labor Minister, the visitation plan they prepared was entirely aimed at provocation and incitement against the State of Israel, and not to study the State of Israel’s activities. In other words, they weren’t coming to Israel to investigate what was happening there, they weren’t even going to visit Israel (only the disputed territories). They were coming to Israel for a big anti-Israel PR event, and to push the BDS call for the destruction of the Jewish State.

As it happens, reports are that President Donald Trump recommended to Israel to not allow the women into the country. His lobbying had little to do with the decision, it seems.

The Democrats, though, are not amused.

Democratic Party leaders made it clear to top foreign ministry officials that if Israel bans the entry of Omar and Talib a red line in relations with the party will also be struck, which they claim has already been hurt by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s three-decade-long friendship with President Trump. Many top Democrats complain that friendship motivated the Israeli government to move away from the Democrats.

As if the Democrats haven’t been moving away themselves for years.

For now, though, The Squad won’t be travelling to the Holy Land. Interesting times, indeed.

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