Italy Steps Up To The Plate In Spygate Probe

When it comes to the government surveilling American citizens, all who actually know the law in this nation are well aware that spying without cause is simply not allowed. We have a right to privacy, and if the government has no reason to collect information not out in the open, then it cannot be done.

Various government officials have been trying to get around that reality for decades, especially during election years. That reality is the basis for the investigation currently being done by U.S. Attorney John Durham. He is looking into whether or not members of the Obama Administration wrongfully “investigated” the Donald Trump for President campaign in 2016.

Part of that investigation is what foreign actors were part of either manufacturing evidence to justify the investigation that produced all of the warrants for what amounted to wiretaps granted by the FISA court.

On Thursday, a big clue as to the country where some of the foreign help came from surfaced in Italy.

How this all relates to Spygate and the investigation into how American government officials got warrants to keep tabs on Americans is bound to come out in the days ahead, but it looks like help sabotaging Donald Trump’s campaign did not come from just the Anglo-sphere.

As the days drone on and accusations among the faces of the Intelligence Community during the Obama Administration hurl accusations at one another, it is increasingly looking like former Central Intelligence Agency head John Brennan may be the first up for some sort of prosecution in this matter. His name is increasingly being said in the same sentence as “need a lawyer.” During one interview, Joe DiGenova of the White House legal team said he is going to need five.

It’s all starting to come out, and if the Italians are willing to help get the conspirators into prison, all We the People can say is GRAZIE!

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