Jewelry Store Owner Put Up With Disgusting Threats Due To Sneering At NFL Kneelers

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The media and the left will do everything in their power to run protection for NFL anthem kneelers.

It is unfortunate that are included some sick people who literally send threats to people for simply deciding to laugh at the kneelers.

As the Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram reports, a jeweler in nearby Sturbridge has been a subject to threats due to a billboard that gently chides the kneelers with a joke.

“If you’re going to take a knee this season, please have a ring in your hand,” the billboard from Garieri Jewelers reads.

It depicts a man proposing to a woman on a football field, just in case you didn’t get the reference.

Here’s the “controversial” billboard:

As it appears, this is more controversial with the left than a Nike ad featuring a guy who literally supports cop-killers and dictators.

“Scott A. Garieri, who owns Garieri Jewelers on Main Street, put up the billboard message Saturday on Route 20 at Richardson’s Corner Road in Charlton,” the Telegram reported Wednesday.

“Mr. Garieri and his daughter, Alexandria L. O’Brien, 31, of Charlton, who manages the store, said since Tuesday they have received hundreds of negative comments on Facebook, including some that told Ms. O’Brien to kill herself.”

The controversy commenced, Garieri and O’Brien say, after the executive director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches posted a message expressing his criticism toward the advertisement on her Facebook page.

“In case we’ve forgotten about racism in New England… It’s stunning to flip the NFL BLM protests, and turn it into a racist marketing opportunity,” Rev. Laura E. Everett said in her post.

According to the Telegram, Rev. Everett wasn’t available to make clear how this was a “racist marketing opportunity,” or how it was even racist, or what she thought about what happened next.

“People have said they’re going to urinate on our property, vomit on our showcases, and I was told to kill myself,” O’Brien told the Telegram.

“I am not going to kill myself. I can assure you that. And the billboard is not coming down. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But when you tell someone to go kill themselves (sic), you have absolutely crossed the line.”


The post can no longer be found on Rev. Everett’s Facebook page, the latest public post available seems to celebrate the victory of Ayanna Pressley, the far-left favorite who recently won a Democrat primary for a House seat over an established candidate.

If Rev. Everett considers that alleged resentment being turned into a marketing opportunity is an issue, she has nothing to say about Nike’s recent embrace of Colin Kaepernick, who loves convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur/Joanne Chesimard and murderous, racist dictator Fidel Castro. That campaign drew greater attention than this advertisement.

She’s clearly hushed on this sort of hate, which doesn’t appear to register with her or any of the people who left horrible messages on Garieri Jeweler’s Facebook page.

People online can be crazy. This is clearly sick, but one cannot be in control of what mentally deranged people with a political animus will write on a Facebook page. It still indicates a lot that they are inclined to vent their spleen in this bilious fashion, however.

When it comes to Laura E. Everett, apart from being a reverend, she is also the head of a major religious organization. What, precisely, is her excuse for calling someone’s free exercise of speech “stunning” and “racist” in spite of the fact it’s neither one of those two things? Why does she refuse to give an explanation to the fact that she decided to call attention to this in the most demagogic possible way?

Love trumps hate, indeed.

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