Joe Biden Highlights The Importance Of Midterm Elections: ‘We’re In A Fight For The Soul Of America’

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Former Vice President Joe Biden presented his attitude on the importance of the following midterm elections while in Pittsburgh on Monday, pointing out that “everything” is at stake in November.

“Everything. It’s simple,” Biden said in response to a shouted question about the stakes in the upcoming elections. “Everything.”

“We’re in a fight for the soul of America. It’s about time we restored dignity to work,” he added. “It’s about time we start talking to each other like we’re civilized and deal with one another with respect.”

The reason for the visit of the former vice president in Pittsburgh was to participate in the city’s Labor Day parade, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Biden tied his remarks on midterms back to Labor Day:

“That’s what this is about. That’s what labor is about. You know, my dad used to have an expression. He’d say “A job’s about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about your dignity. It’s about your respect. It’s about being able to look your kid in the eye and say ‘Honey, it’s going to be okay.’”

Biden also weighed in on the death of Sen. John McCain, saying the late Arizona Senator was “like a brother” to him.

“We had the same value set, we had different perspectives,” he said.

When asked more directly how he felt about President Donald Trump’s handling of McCain’s death, the former vice president appeared to scoff, “Everybody knows who the president is,” he said.

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  1. Biden is looking for “the soul of America” because the Obumble administration tried their best to SELL the Soul of America to the DEVIL !

    President Trump has saved America from the DEVIL and Biden, and still praying from Obumble and Killary.


  2. Yes, we are looking to save the soul of America. This is why we MUST get out and vote come November – and vote straight-ticket republican. With the democrat fraud machine in full operation, we have to overcome in sheer numbers.

    The time to vote your conscience was in your local/state primaries. Even if you cannot stand your republican candidates, we HAVE to have them in, for the majorities. Hold your nose and VOTE!

    Your country needs you, and the Republic will not stand if the democrats take charge again.

  3. America lost her soul a long time ago, and it is not coming back. You can vote all you want and it will not change a damn thing, voting is for the fools that think it will make a change, and it gives you the hope of such, This nation like so many others, has been taken over corrupted, and ruined because lazy, ignorant people turned a blind eye to her, in favor of materialism, movies, sports, t.v. celebrity gossip, and if it feels good do it attitude.While the evil elite, Illuminati, or all the so-called groups that work for evil and Satan took over with an advantage of the weak, lazy, ignorant, self-centered, materialistic, selfish fools. People that could not or would not keep their eye on the ball, and when told by others what was happening laughed at them. Enjoy the ride we asked for it.

    • I feel sorry for you! To be so down and not see the possibility of ever being brought up again. It must be awful and I for one say That all is possible if you believe in God and that He has a plan for this nation yet and we should keep on believing and doing what He wills! Sometimes it doesn’t seem that there is a will to go forward and that is why we say a little prayer then we lift our chin and straighten our shoulders and we do what needs to be done! Get yourself right with God and realize He’s got the plan and we need to do what He says! Do it for all the unborn children and don’t think of yourself!

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