John McCain’s First Wife Came Out Of The Closet And Revealed What He Did To Her

john mccain

We will all recall to John McCain as a war hero and a devoted public servant, despite other people’s disagreement with certain political positions.

However, as most people do, he also leaves behind a personal story, and it’s one of heartache and disloyalty.

In an HBO special that was broadcasted just days before McCain died of brain cancer, his first wife, Carol, was speaking openly about what he had done to her.

Being a prisoner of war in Vietnam for more than five years had been the main burden of John and Carol’s marriage. Upon his final arrival at home, McCain used his newfound celebrity status to catapult to senior positions first in the military and then on Capitol Hill. This also has put him at a distance from home.

It was during this time, and as his marriage to Carol deteriorated to a point beyond saving, that John met his second wife, Cindy, a woman 15 years his junior.

john mccain

“He was looking for a way to be young again, and that was the end of that,” Carol told the producers of the HBO special. “I didn’t know anything about it, I had no idea what was going on, I was pretty much blindsided and it broke my heart.”

McCain’s daughter, Sidney, and his two adopted sons (children from Carol’s first marriage) were having trouble accepting his unfaithful behavior.

“It left a bad taste in my mouth ’cause I knew it wasn’t what my mother wanted,” said Doug McCain.

“We were all shocked and heartbroken,” added Sidney. “It caused quite a rift within the family.”

Even though this family break-up occurred nearly 40 years ago, according to the HBO interviews it’s obvious that what McCain did is still causing pain and heartache for these people.



  1. war hero?

    HOT SHOT son of a 4 star Admiral that should have been booted with the FIRST OF 5 Jet Fighter aircraft that resulted from a “Hold my beer an’ watch whut I kun do!” moments.

    2 more before being stationed on the USS Forrestal where he performed another act of sheer SHOWOFF STUPIDITY and wet started his aircraft and washed the windscreen of the rookie behind him.

    Just funny as hell until the rookie reacted,by jerking back away from the flames, accidentally launched a missile that hitt little johnnies plane.
    On that day he MURDERED 134 Seamen because he thought he was funny.

    THAT SHOULD HAVE EARNED HIM THE DEATH PENALTY? remember, his daddy was a 4 star admiral…

    • :What a hypocrite you are! GW Bush murdered almost 3,000 on 9-11 and then was joined by his fellow Republicans to lie about and invade Iraq costing over 4,400 dead and almost 32,000 wounded and the count keeps increasing. But that is OK with you. Further, your assertions are BS –

      Vietnam for John McCain vs Donald Trump
      John McCain:
      • 23 Combat missions over North Vietnam.
      • Seriously wounded on his last mission and captured.
      • Refused to take early released unless others released.
      • Tortured for 5 ½ years.

      Donald Trump:
      • “I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world (sexually transmitted diseases), it is a dangerous world out there. It’s like Vietnam, sort of. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider.”

        • GW Bush is much more than a traitor. Played a part in 9-11. In fact, Bush Sr orchestrated 9-11… Marvin Bush was head of security for Twin Towers. All security pulled 2 wks prior to 9-11 to allow “workers” full access to wire them and bldg 7 for demolition. Rudy knew all about it. NYC firefighters hate him. All are corrupt evil frauds. Bushs worship lucifer. John McCain was a traitor both, militarily and politically. He didn’t just die of brain-cancer.. he was tried in secret and put-down.

      • MikeM…..surely you aren’t foolish enough to believe anything that snoopers posts. They are proven liars and strong supporters of the leftist agenda of which it sounds like you are a supporter also. Some “veteran “you are proving to be.

      • You likely believe CNN is real news as well. You should dig deeper than Snopes. While you’re at it find out how and why Snopes was started.

      • A lot of men did not serve in Viet Nam. I will bet you that Donald Trump has done more for our country in two years than John McCain did his whole life.

      • Really mike m you need counseling, where was Clinton during Vietnam
        , McCain was a traitor and murderer that is a fact. Gained weight being tortured?????

      • And you are a moron MikeM. McCain would not have been shot down in his last mission had he obeyed orders and stayed high. He was willing to tell them so much right off the bat that they had Russian doctors come over to take care on him. For 5 1/2 years he told them everything he knew getting follow solders killed by his traitorous mouth. Trump loves this country way more the McCain did. McCain looked out for hisself and screw everyone else. One thing me and you agree on is Bush did in fact know about 911 before it happened cause his buddy slick Willie told him he had it set up but they killed way more people then 4400 look at all the people in Iraq that was killed. We need to get rid of all 535 people in congress and start over so Trump can MAGA.

    • Very well hidden truths. In short he was a traitor to the US and the Navy and the American people.He even turned on his fellow prisoners while incarcerated at Hotel Hilton , I believe that was his prison camp , not sure, but he turned on his fellow prisoners to protect himself.

    • People, check your information. Are you a russian bot or just someone who regurgitates whatever without checking out different sources?

    • Vietnam for John McCain vs Donald Trump
      John McCain:
      • 23 Combat missions over North Vietnam.
      • Seriously wounded on his last mission and captured.
      • Refused to take early released unless others released.
      • Tortured for 5 ½ years.

      Donald Trump:
      • “I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world (sexually transmitted diseases), it is a dangerous world out there. It’s like Vietnam, sort of. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider.”

        • brenda you cant argue with stupid people once something is in that empty head reality just dont matter. hanoi jane ,songbird mc cain john carry on and on all the peace loving hippys they dont mind if some one takes over what we have,until it hapenes then they will all sit in their own prison asking who let this happen

  2. Mike M you’re a jerk McCain was no saint he was a cheater and walked out on his wife and kids .He turned his back on his party and joined that pos obama who when running against was calling him a liar right to his face .He was nothing but a ass kisser and traitor to his party,a closet demorat

  3. He traded his wife in for the newest version..just as he did with the republican party..He had no loyalty to anyone or anything, except himself!!

  4. You are right Yvonne, and they (MSM and all the celebrities and democrats) blast Trump because he was married more than one time, but McCain left a wife in a wheel chair with 3 kids, and not one word on MSM. McCain was on the same team as Obama, just like Obama said in the eulogy. He betrayed his wife and kids, his country, his state, his party and his voters. He died a betrayer. FACT

  5. mc amnesty said he’d sign it if it crosses his desk on our border situation and this punk did everything he could to destroy whatever trust he had with the republican party (gop) and he was a piece of shit for sneaking around licking the democrats assholes every chance he get. i despise that scum bag and the bush family ain’t far behind this asshole…

    this jerk had more respect for obama then he did for our military his so called brothers in arms. he is burning in hell and he deserves it for at the last minute saving obamacare like the traitor he is. fuck him.

  6. He was a piece of shit to the day he died and that took way to long because of his inability to accept Trump could make president and he couldn’t bought his hatred for the country back out as it did on everything when he couldn’t get his way he has a history of working with the enemy even opposition political party just to sabotage Trump he did not care about what the American citizens wanted it was his ego that controlled him just like his ego to be young so ditches his family for a marriage recker and has a daughter who goes on a show and sides with them when it comes to most things Trump lost all respect for her because she like her father has a ego as well the first wife was a true American the second was just a part of the rich establishment and privileged like celebrities and most democrats who are more interested in greed and power and they don’t care if American citizens get killed to get what they want they have let Muslims infiltrate the federal government and weakened America by doing so Muslims are using the democrat party to attack America’s values and traditions they are pushing sharia law in smaller districts by using political correctness and the race card to get what they want they said they would destroy America from within and they are doing it with the help of democrats and their uninformed supporters i did not realise how many stupid people there were in America but i do know there are at least 64 million Americans who know what is happening to their country and that is why they have voted in a president who will go down in history as the greatest American president ever in history Trump 2020 and hopefully his children will follow him as they have had the right up bringing to keep America and the world a safe place but the biggest enemy currently for America is one of their own the democrat socialist communist party

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