Joy Villa Stuns Her Liberal Friends At The Grammy Awards Once Again!

Before the 2017 Red Carpet extravaganza before the Grammy Awards that year, Joy Villa was a name really known only to musicians. She hadn’t really made it yet kamagra india price. And then she wore a dress to the longest and most drawn out of the self-congratulatory award shows, that put her on the map.

In 2017, she wore the now famous blue dress with “Make America Great Again” emblazoned on it. In 2018, her attire had a much less ostentatious pro-life message.

In 2019, though, Villa jumped into the controversy du jour in an outfit that will live in infamy.

In 2019 for the Red Carpet going into the Grammys, Villa topped all previous politically incorrect efforts with a white gown, stenciled in a brick pattern that said “Build the Wall” in red, spray paint style letters on the bustle and train, and accessorized with garland around the neck reminiscent of barbed or razor wire.

Villa told Fox News of her ensemble, “Well to no surprise, I’m still a Trump supporter and supporting the president and what he’s doing. This is my Make America Great Again purse and dress is by Desi Designs Couture, and it represents the wall.”

She added, “One in three women who are trying to come to this country illegally are sexually assaulted. Thousands of children are sexually exploited by coyotes bringing them across the border. Seventy percent of the heroin in our nation is brought in through Mexico. This is not personal against this country or the people. It’s not about race. It’s about protecting the people who are in this country. I’m Latina, I’m black. I support what the president says about building the wall, so that’s what this dress represents.”

Yes! At least one person in the cesspool and tar pit riddled city known as Los Angeles is listening to real news.

Great. Now maybe her fans and others who were shocked at her audacity might actually understand what the fight for the wall is all about.

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