Kanye West Leaves Kim Kardashian Alone Crying Over Trump Comments

Well, there’s a celebrity marriage that may well end and it would shock just about no one. It looks like Kim Kardashian has had just about enough of Kanye West being Kanye, especially after he made some pro-Trump tweets and ended up being threatened by a fellow celebrity. Apparently, she called him out on it, and he didn’t take it well.

He stormed off.

“She’s just so mad at him for embarrassing her — and her family — over and over and over again,” says a Kardashian source, noting that Kim is fearful about how Kanye’s behavior affects everything from their children to the Kardashians’ public image and business empire. The pair fought bitterly, adds an insider, because “Kanye was furious that she would even try to silence him. He stormed off, leaving Kim in tears.” Now with Kanye, 40, holed up at a Wyoming resort — purportedly to work on his music — Kim, 37, is facing the fact that her third marriage is in free fall. “She’s more humiliated than ever,” says the source. “Her sisters and mom, Kris Jenner, are asking her how much more of this she can take.”

That’s a good question and one that many women are asked on a regular basis when husbands embarrass the heck out of them with bad behavior (and vice versa). On one level, marriage woes really aren’t anyone’s business. In another, celebrities let all of this hang out like the rest of the world cares.

Yeah, some of us don’t.

This little episode of the Kim and Kanye soap opera may well be lucrative for the clan that is making money off of being famous.

She’s put up with so much already. “Kim has tried to talk to Kanye about the effect his words are having, not only on his friends and his fans, but on those closest to him,” says the insider, noting that she’s been living in fear for the family — including kids North, Saint, and Chicago — after rapper Daz Dillinger urged the notorious Crips gang to “f— Kanye up.”

While Kanye brushed of the danger during his TMZ rant, he and Kim did appear to beef up security, says the insider: “They’re taking this very seriously.” All of the Kardashians are on red alert. “This is most definitely a family crisis,” says the insider. “Everyone has been in heated conversations, trying to figure out how the hell to shut Kanye up.” And how to keep the family businesses running smoothly.

“Kim hopes people won’t hold Kanye’s actions against her,” says the source, “but Kris has been on the phone tirelessly with the execs they work with to make sure that there are no problems.” Kim is already breathing a little easier now that Kanye’s out of town. “It’s way less stressful,” says the source, noting that they hardly speak when he’s working. “She wants to unwind and not make any rash decisions. But just having him out of LA has already been great for her mental state. And she’s doing whatever she can to be vocal about how Kanye’s opinions are NOT hers.”

Too bad. He was starting to come around on some really profound truths.

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  1. oh poor Kimmy , she’s put up with so much.Geez what a bunch of crap that whole family is efed up

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