Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Eggs On NFL Kneelers With Amazingly Jumbled Logic


Why is it athletes think they are smarter and know more history than they really do simply because they hold records in sports?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, he of basketball fame, is now defending the NFL players who are disrespecting the people who fought and died for their right to do so with the most twisted pretzel logic found in any argument for or against the practice.

Abdul-Jabbar, 71, in a Tuesday column for The Hollywood Reporter, recanted what Frederick Douglass said in “My Bondage and My Freedom.”

“Slaves are generally expected to sing as well as to work.” Abdul-Jabbar wrote, adding slaves had to sing their “oppressor’s feel-good songs” as well.

He wrote that the “Star-Spangled Banner” is the song that President Trump – the oppressor – is demanding to be sung.

“Currently, the song being demanded is the national anthem during football games. But during a warm-up game on Aug. 10, despite President Trump’s previous condemnation, several Eagles players kneeled during the anthem or raised their fists — their way of singing their own song,” he wrote.

“For them, lyrics like ‘land of the free’ don’t accurately represent the daily reality for people of color. They love their country but want that country to recognize the suffering that occurs when it isn’t living up to its constitutional promises.”

Yo, Kareem, The Star Spangled Banner is a victory poem set to a drinking song. There’s nothing particularly feel good about it other than the morning after the Battle of Fort McHenry the flag was still flying. It’s the symbol of breaking away completely of the oppression that was the British Crown.

“Who would know better how to define their outrage: the privileged darling of white supremacists, the 94 percent-white team owners, the 75 percent-white head coaches or the 70 percent-black players who actually take the field each week?” Abdul-Jabbar asked.

Just for the record, no one forced the players of the NFL into that field for work, and at this time in history, there are no leg irons involved in getting the players to perform. There is no slavery involved. Playing that game is completely voluntary.

Not that those little facts are going to make a difference in the new fashion statement among athletes that taking a knee in a protest against those who have pledged their lives to keep the nation safe. image, after all, is everything.

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  1. I neither support nor condone any sort of racism much less slavery of any kind. Based upon Mr. Abdul Jabbar’s comments I will boycott NFL. I will encourage others to do so as well. Maybe we can put the NFL out of business so the athletes can be freed at last.

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