Karma Bites Peter Fonda As His New Flick Bombs At The Box Office

Call it the revenge of the deplorables.

In the middle of the blow up over kids being separated from their parents and guardians at the southern border, irrelevant and has been actor Peter Fonda decided to try to make an example of First Son Barron Trump. He posted a Tweet that plain and simply was a low blow advocating for his kidnapping and rape at the hands of criminals.

The tweet went viral before it was deleted and the reaction from those who recognized just how wrong the aging liberal was was swift and merciless. The public was not amused that anyone would condone the rape of a twelve-year-old boy.

To add insult to injury the public’s reaction to Fonda’s new movie “Boundaries,” has put the flick firmly in flop territory.

According to the entertainment website The Wrap, Fonda’s movie “Boundaries” generated a measly $30,395 last weekend – and average screen earning of only $6,079.

And that’s gross earnings.

Oops. Too bad, so sad. Gotta be careful about that karma, you know.

“Boundaries” only opened on five screens, but still, hardly anyone went to see it. The reviews are not all that great as it is and the only reason Sony released it in the wake of Fonda’s inexcusable words were to honor the work of the other people involved in making the movie.

But there’s no denying that Fonda’s obscene outburst put his own name back into the news at a critical time for the release of his new movie. And only the most outrageously on-the-fringe member of #TheResistance could have not been repelled by what he was associated with. (The Marquis de Sade would have approved, though.)

Sometimes bad publicity really is bad. This is one of those cases. Publicly advocating violent crime against the son of a world leader is very much not acceptable. Peter Fonda is finding that out the hard way.

Yes, karma can be a female dog.

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