Kasich Talks About 2020, Third Party Run…Maybe


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John Kasich, would you please go home now. Seriously. After how many aborted runs for president and you still think you’ve got a shot?


That seems to be the gist of the outgoing Ohio governor’s words in an interview with perpetual leftist lunatic Whoopi Goldberg (real name Karen Johnson).

“I don’t know,” Kasich said when asked by co-host Whoopi Goldberg if he’s running for president.

“I mean, all of my options are on the table. You know, in the Republican Party… pretty hard because it’s kind of locked down right now, but we don’t know what’s going to come in the future,” he said. “I think, for the first time, there is a legitimate chance for a third-party candidate.”

The two-term Ohio governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate explained the need for “a calming, positive” voice to get “this country back on track again” and promised he isn’t planning on disappearing from the public eye despite being term-limited and prevented from running for re-election.

“If you have the Republicans on the extreme, and the Democrats on the extreme, there is a big, wide-open space in the middle so all of my options are on the table,” Kasich said. “It’ll be fun.”

Yo. Johnny. You been watching the Trump rallies? You see all those people out there? Yeah, we on the fruited plain don’t want somebody who’s CALM and POSITIVE. For that, we will get a golden retriever and train it. No, what we the people want is a real leader, someone who speaks his mind and keeps the country on the track that is good for AMERICANS, not the one we were on while you and your globalist buddies were busy running us into the ground.

Yeah, and third-party…yes, we the people know what happens when Republicans run as third-party candidates. The Democrats win.

No thanks, Johnny boy. It’s time for you to enjoy retirement. Have a good time.



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  1. Ohio found out how bad he is yet he thinks he has a shot at the presidency? If you can’t govern a state how could you run a country?

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