Kellyanne Conway GRILLED By Reporters Then Spits FIRE

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Just about everything in life can be distilled into a short speech that should last no longer than the length of the average elevator ride. In some circles, it’s known as a boilerplate, but the same concept applies. Points can be made in short, quick statements.

Kellyanne Conway, advisor to President Donald Trump has defended her boss in this manner down to a science. It came in handy on Friday when reporters were shouting questions at her about the mainstream media scandal du jour when someone asked if the president could be counted on to be honest.

With that Miss Kellyanne stopped on a dime and gave one of the best elevator speeches of her career:

“He promised to cut taxes, and he did. He promised to get North Korea and South Korea to sit down and change the course of history, and they are. He’s got his delegation over in China working on more fair, more reciprocal trade deals that stop screwing the American workers and American interests and American businesses. We have a half a billion dollar trade deficit with them; it makes no sense to him. If you see him yesterday surrounded by different faith leaders of six different religions and you see the reformed man that he brought up to the podium, that’s the president that I work for, that’s the president I know.”

And that is just a fraction of what the man has done since he has been in office. There’s a lot more, but Conway was able to give the gist of this presidency so far in less than the time it would take for an elevator car to rise ten floors.

Impressive. Most impressive.

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