Kids In California Are Left With Only Two Legal Options: Water Or Milk


The state of California is making great efforts to level off the childhood obesity rates by taking control of the parents and urging restaurants NOT to serve sugary beverages to children.

The new bill limits children’s drink options to be listed as just water or milk. The bill passed through the state legislature and Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign it.
The American Cancer Society led the charge on this bill, telling CBS 13, “Cancer is fought in the halls of government, not just in the halls of a hospital.”

“Some of these kids are drinking up to three sodas a day. This is setting them up for tremendous cancer risks down the road,” said a representative for the American Cancer Society.

The Cancer Society is willing to implement this decision but still, there are parents who disagree.

“I think the government shouldn’t determine what’s available when I, as a mother, know what’s best for my child,” said Inez Deocio, an opponent of the bill.
Another parent, Scott Gregory, agreed. “As a parent, you should be able to decide for yourself whether your kid’s going to have milk or water or soda. The state shouldn’t be telling you that.”

Many on Twitter expressed their disagreement with the proposed law, pointing out that parents should be making the decisions.

Why is this law even necessary? I’m old enough to remember when my mom would say “put down that soda, drink some water if you’re thirsty”. #parenting

Mike Slater, a radio host in San Diego told Fox News, “It amazes me always, the progressive instinct to ban things they don’t like. Whether in California it’s banning plastic bags or straws, or even speech.”

This bill still enables parents to ask for a different drink, such as soda or chocolate milk, but it cannot be listed as a default beverage by the restaurant.

A restaurant is likely to be fined up to $500 providing doesn’t comply with the new bill.

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  1. California — The Granola State: Rich in fruits, nuts, and flakes.
    When cockamamie need is made, it is datelined CALIFORNIA.

  2. Just another ‘feel good’ law. They concoct these idiotic things KNOWING that they will have zero effect on what the kids drink. I most states, even though the drinking age is 21, parents can buy, and serve to their children (no age limit) alcoholic beverages, if they choose. While I think a parent who would do that to a child younger than 18 is pretty stupid, it IS THEIR CHOICE, as it should be.
    In some places (Flint, MI), water might be worse for them than soda!

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