Kim Jong Un Makes MAJOR Announcement About His Nukes

WOW, this is pretty amazing news… Granted, no matter what this guy does, the negotiations and events unfolding have to be approached with the utmost skepticism—I would believe this guy if he showed me his behind and said he was born with it. The indications thus far though are that the Mental Midget just might have decided to take his country in a different direction.

North Korea State-run media is reporting that Kim Jong Un will hold a ceremony around the May 23rd to the 25th time frame. This announcement comes the day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated that the United States may be willing to provide economic assistance to North Korea if they were to dismantle their nuclear weapons.

While there is a lot to be resolved and negotiated with North Korea, the recent events are a strong indicator that the Mental Midget just might be serious and more importantly sincere this time around.

Of course, it does not hurt that this time around he is dealing with an American President that does what he says and means what he says. President Trump has put an extraordinary amount of pressure on North Korea. Not only has he levied crippling economic sanctions against North Korea, but he has applied pressure to their number one ally, China.

I think a lot of people are overlooking just how much influence China has over the Mental Midget and President Trump recognized the importance of this from the beginning, which is why he began to develop such a close relationship with China’s President Xi before anyone else.

He has taken a lot of heat from the Democrats for not lowering the hammer on China, especially where the issue of currency manipulation is concerned but I’m not sure there is much of an argument that China Manipulating their currency poses a greater threat than a psychopath, or Mental Midget as I like to call him, developing an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

I believe the two meetings the Mental Midget had with President Xi recently were to point him in the right direction… As in President Xi told him to get his act together and not mess with President Trump.

President Xi knows that President Trump means what he says and that had Kim Jong Un continued on the path he was on launching rockets every week, he was going to get an A** Whoopin from the United States and lose his country. Who knows, President Xi may have even had intelligence that indicated President Trump was preparing to strike.

I would also imagine that President Xi pointed out to the Mental Midget that he could do great things for his country instead of watching everyone starve to death as a friend instead of being a foe. Mike Pompeo mentioned that he pointed out to the Mental Midget that many of America’s past enemies are now great allies… I would not be surprised if President Xi did the same.

Frankly, if South Korea did not have millions of people living within range of the North’s artillery, I’d say let’s smoke this Mental Midget, but a peaceful resolution to anything is always better for everyone involved.

It is looking more and more like President Trump, who the liberals swore was going to get us involved in a nuclear war with North Korea, is going to be the first President in sixty years to finally make peace with them.

Of course, the liberals are praying enthusiastically that President Trump is going to fail in his efforts with North Korea and get us into a nuclear war that results in millions of deaths just so they can win the next election and beat the President down… What great American’s they are huh?

Me, I’m praying he is successful in his efforts to disarm North Korea complete with international inspections and ongoing verification. A peace treaty between the North and South would be icing on the cake… IF he pulls this off, watching liberal news stations like CNN and MSNBC will be like a night at a comedy club… LOL It will probably be more entertaining than watching them after President Trump won the election. LOL

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