Latest Trump Accuser Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth On CNN

Standard fare in political theater in the United States is the parading of strumpets and the like who claim to have slept with any one candidate for office. President Donald J. Trump has had his fair share of accusers, none of whom stand up under scrutiny. (That doesn’t stop the haters from calling him a serial rapist thanks to the cumulative effect of the claims, though.)

The latest Trump accuser, E. Jean Carroll, a writer, and a woman Trump claims is not his type (he was with Marla Maples at the time of the alleged incident), will not actually have the man prosecuted for the supposed crime as she does not want to insult the women who are raped at the border (no one in their right mind does),  but that is not stopping her from appearing on national television to talk about it.

This week, Ms. Carroll appeared on CNN where she was interviewed by no less than Anderson Cooper about rape, essentially in general. And then she said something that caused the Vanderbilt heir to cut straight to commercial.

CNN host Anderson Cooper was caught off-guard on Monday while interviewing writer E. Jean Carroll, who balked at his notion that most people view rape as a violent assault.

Carroll, 76, also downplayed her own alleged assault while reiterating the fact that there was nothing ‘sexual’ about the alleged incident, and describing it instead as a ‘fight.’

It was after she did this, and told Cooper that she did not see herself as a victim, that the host stated: ‘Most people think of rape as a violent assault.’

Carroll countered that by declaring: ‘I think most people think of rape as being sexy.’

There is nothing sexy about rape and fantasy of being raped is best left in the pages of romance novels from the 70s.

This woman is nuts, and she’s deluding herself if she actually thinks Americans who know the sort of women Donald Trump dated and married would believe he would slum with her.


  1. The people that Donald Trump ”dated” should of course include the Porn Star that he paid $35,000 to to keep quiet about their one-night stand. And let us not forget that Trump actually said that he was so famous that he could ”grab them by the pussy.”

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