Legacy Media Hyperventilates Over Defense Funds Used For The Wall

For whatever reason, the mainstream media will find any fault with the Trump Administration over building the wall on the southern border. That’s been the way of things for a number of years now.

But using American soldiers as a reason for their displeasure…that’s something new. It happened this week when President Trump announced that $3.8 Billion would be moved from the Pentagon’s budget to help get the wall built.

From CBS:

The Trump administration on Thursday announced it plans to make yet another multi-billion-dollar transfer of Pentagon funds to finance the construction of barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, tapping into money originally allocated for military weapons and hardware.

By diverting $3.8 billion Department of Defense funds, officials hope to erect 177 miles of border barriers and help President Trump fulfill one of his signature campaign promises. Although the administration has already transferred billions of dollars over the past two years toward border wall construction, Thursday’s plans are the first that involve the transfer of funds for military combat equipment.

According to a notification to Congress obtained by CBS News, the $3.8 billion in funding will be funneled to help the Department of Homeland Security curtail drug smuggling by constructing barriers, roads and lights along the U.S. southern border. The transfer stemmed from a request by the Department of Homeland Security last month which Secretary of Defense Mark Esper approved.

This, of course, was billed as a move that would put troops in harm’s way.

Never mind that every day the border wall is not finished is another day that the American people are put in harm’s way due to drug trafficking, human trafficking, and foreign nationals crossing the border with the potential to be violent criminals carrying an infectious disease.

If the equipment is determined not to be needed, then the money is better spent on a permanent solution to the border problem.


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