Liberal Judge Demands Citizens Take A Knee During National Anthem On This Special Occasion


The hatred of liberals towards America has gone too far. A left-wing judge in Brooklyn told a roomful of newly sworn-in citizens not hesitate to take a knee during the National Anthem.

The story comes from the American Spectator’s George Neumayr who reports about the recent event in the New York federal Judge LaShann Moutique DeArcy Hall.

Neumayr was present at a citizenship ceremony in Brooklyn at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. There the writer heard the creep judge wallowing in some of the worst, un-American antics imaginable during what it was supposed to be an all-American and joyous day.

Her full name is LaShann Moutique DeArcy Hall… and she is shockingly abhorrent, entitled judicial activist with an oversized ego.

The speech she delivered to the new citizens was more than awful. She sounded like a Democratic Party ward boss, who insist the new citizens to vote as soon as humanly possible. She made voting sound like a tremulous act of self-defense against the country they had just joined. It was perfectly obvious that there was a strong anti-Trump whiff in her exhortation.

After that, she went on saying the most ludicrous things about the First Amendment, giving confidence to the new Americans to exercise that right as much as possible, even though it includes “taking a knee.” Huh?

So what we have here is a federal court judge, who just turned a roomful of foreigners into American citizens, and her first piece of advice to them is: boycott the American flag you have just been handed. It was disappointing and exasperating as hell.

In the past, a judge who would give an advice that rejects all religious and moral principles to new Americans would be impeached. But nowadays, very few members of the Congress care and even fewer members would enjoy an impeachment drive.

Needless to say, she is an Obama appointee.

As Neumayr aptly describes her:

A product of Howard University, which is a conveyor belt for anti-American snots who, with Andrew Cuomo, say the country “was never that great,” Judge LaShann DeArcy is exceedingly full of herself, even more than the president who appointed her. In her glib “take a knee” rhetorical pyrotechnics, she showed no respect for the country to which she has taken an oath. Her pitch was outrageously at odds with the duties of a judge. For one thing, who asked her to give a long harangue to new citizens? When did that become a routine practice? Can’t she just sign the certificates and call it a day?

This is a pure example of a typical liberal. If liberals ever tell you that they love America, you should know that they are liars. You just can’t love something that you so obviously loathe.

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  2. Judges are not politicians…nor are they allowed to work on matters when they have a bias or prejudicial agenda, and can be forced to recuse themselves.
    Further, THIS judge did exactly the opposite action he is hired to do….his job is the last step in making these immigrants into Americans..but instead, he tried to make them into ANTI Americans.
    This constitutes a high crime….high crimes and misdemeanors are the basis for impeachment.
    If Sessions would do his job, he would be petitioning the Supreme Court to remove this judge from office, lose all possibility of future government employ, and order the retraction of his retirement benefits….
    This judge is disgusting

    • The bitch is a she but other than that, I agree 100%! I wish New Hampshire had a Republican representative so I could write and ask him or her to get impeachment proceedings started!

  3. First, make sure this idiot Judge is never again invited to such an event. Secondly, cut her off at the knees by making sure she was assigned to hear trash cases. If she continues her Anti-American rhetoric, take steps to impeach her.

  4. that woman should be FIRED & put in prison! I don’t believe disrespecting the country that gives her freedom to say & do what she thinks & believes should be allowed to do that in her position as a federal judge! how many more judges are there like her that were appointed by obama? help us Lord JESUS! We have to stand behind President Trump & get rid of all judges like this woman! God bless President Trump & God bless America!

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