Liberals Go Full Loon After Trump Serves Fast Food To Athletes At White House

It’s not every day that college athletes are invited to the White House. On the rare occasions when it happens, the students in question usually have just won a national title, and they are treated to whatever the White House kitchen can whip up.

Thanks to the government shutdown and the number of White House domestic staff that is currently furloughed, filet mignon, caviar, and escargot was not on the menu for the national football champions the Clemson Tigers. Instead, President Donald Trump treated the team to some of his favorite food.

Great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House. Because of the Shutdown I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamberders etc. Within one hour, it was all gone. Great guys and big eaters!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 15, 2019

Yes, the ability of college athletes to be able to put away food is impressive.

White House Press Sec. Sarah Sanders confirmed to the press that Trump was indeed “personally paying” for the fast food spread.

“Players were privy to an offering of Wendy’s-wrapped burgers stacked neatly across assortments of silver trays,” The Daily Wire’s Paul Bois reports. “Boxed Big Macs from McDonald’s were also available, and if that didn’t suit the players’ tastes, pizza was available as well. But the best offering of all were the fries, which were served in White House cups bearing the presidential seal.”

Of course, this move was criticized by those who think Trump can do nothing right.

…the CEO of Black Sports Online, Robert Littal, who portrayed Trump’s fast food choice as playing into a “stereotype” of college athletes.

“Here is the thing Trump believes every single stereotype that is out there, so the stereotype that college kids-athletes just eat fast food all the time is all he knows. These college football powerhouses are billion dollar businesses much more steak than 4 for $4,” Littal wrote in a series of tweets. “They have video of Trump calling the 4 for $4 Great American Food while some guy is lighting candles by a bunch of Big Macs and then explaining this is why we need the Wall. I kid you not, this is real life.”

The Clemson Tigers still got to eat at the White House even if the food was not the sort that usually appears on the training tables. Somehow, their disappointment does not seem to be apparent.

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