Lie-A-Watha Bows Out

Another one bites the dust.

The Democrat race for presidential nomination claimed another victim on Thursday: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times are all reporting Warren will end her bid. The Times was the first outlet to report she’s dropping out.

Warren’s departure from the Democratic primary comes after a disastrous Super Tuesday where didn’t finish above third in any state, building her streak to 19 contests that she lost. She even lost her home state, finishing a distant third in Massachusetts.

Warren campaigned on a mantra of “big structural change” to tackle political corruption and money in politics, while championing a slew of liberal causes such as Medicare for All, retiring student debt, and breaking up big tech such as Facebook. Now is not the time to “nimble around the edges,” she repeatedly said on the campaign trail.

Well, if she can’t out liberal Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, there really is no hope.

But the 70-year-old second-term senator, who led in national polls as recently as November, faced a serious setback with the rocky rollout of a plan to pay for her $20.5 trillion health care overhaul. It undercut one of her strengths – that she’s in command, well prepared and an expert on policy. “I’ve got a plan for that,” she often said in speeches.

So, the woman is putting out the smoke signal fire and silencing the war drums.

Buh-bye! We on the Trump train will miss you and some of the really wacko stuff that comes out of your mouth.

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