Lie-A-Watha Proposes BIG SPENDER Kinds Of Programs

The 2020 presidential election run-up certainly has drawn the Democrat crazies out of the closet. One of the groups of wackadoodles is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, known to the conservative world as Faux-Pocahontas, Lie-A-Watha and more for her claim of Native American ancestry that turned out to be negligible.

So does her common sense when it comes to government spending. It is also negligible. Lizzie seems to think that she, and an administration led by her, can spend other people’s money in order to get America to be the socialist promised land of her dreams.

Along with backing the Green New Deal ($94 trillion) and Medicare for All ($32.6 trillion), which total $126.6 trillion in estimated government spending over the next decade according to various studies, three of Warren’s major proposals alone cost $2.365 trillion: opioids ($100 billion), canceling student debt and offering free public college ($1.25 to $1.565 trillion), and universal child care ($700 billion).

Warren has won praise on the left for saying she has “got a plan” for various issues, and she has proposed an “ultra-millionaire,” 2 percent tax on Americans worth $50 million or more—it rises to 3 percent on Americans worth at least $1 billion—to pay for many of her projects, claiming it will raise about $2.75 trillion over the next decade.

And when all of that money is spent and gone with the people who originally earned it having nothing more to offer or steal, does she have a plan for that scenario, too? It would be a good idea since once people are used to being comfortable, it’s not easy to get them to go back the other direction lifestyle wise.

And this doesn’t even include the idea for canceling college debt, a sky-rocketing expense for Americans that does not always pay off. Those who attended the highest priced schools, of course, are the ones that would benefit the most.

There doesn’t seem to be a plan to make that fair, either.

Stay tuned. More of these cockamamie ideas are sure to surface as the primary season approaches.

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