Lindsey Graham Hits GRAND SLAM For Second Day In a Row With Remarks Before Judiciary Committee Vote

Where has this guy been hiding for the last few years? Senator Lindsey Graham, attack dog for the innocent. Lindsey Graham, courtroom lawyer. Lindsey Graham willing to man up, lift his spine and tell the opposition to buck up, you lost. Lindsey Graham, teacher of the American Way.

That Lindsey Graham came to life this week following the defense testimony of Judge Brett Kavanaugh who stood accused, against all known character witness testimony and personal accounts from Graham himself, of being a serial rapist. On Thursday, Graham’s five-minute tirade exonerating Kavanaugh, and accusing the Democrats of trying to ruin an innocent man went viral. Rarely since he has been in the Senate, and certainly not while he was buddy-buddy with the late Senator John McCain, has that Lindsey Graham surfaced.

After interviews with news media regarding his five minutes of explosion, and accolades from his fellow Republican senators for breaking the dam of monotony at the hearing, that Lindsey Graham reappeared on Friday when he made remarks ahead of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote to advance the nominee out of committee. He spoke for fifteen minutes, and in that time, not only defended the candidate again, but gave a history lesson on how Supreme Court nominations should be handled, how elections have consequences that must be accepted by the opposition no matter how unpalatable they are, and how the Democrats planned to stall the Kavanaugh nomination until they had control of the government back in their hands.

What was particularly impressive about this presentation is that Graham did not read it. It was not a written statement as the more seasoned members of the committee entered into the record, but an orderly speech that was all but memorized if it was not off the cuff and simply spoken using an outline. Graham drew from personal experience that the others on the committee do not have, as well as a thorough knowledge of history. His tone was measured, his words easy to understand, and he made his case that the politicization of the Supreme Court has to stop. The modus operandi of the left parading sexual abuse accusers out with unsubstantiated and unprovable claims also has to stop.

Importantly, Graham defended the candidate. He called the claims of gang rapist “garbage,” exactly what thinking people who depend on evidence believe. There simply is not any presented that this man ever did anything of the sort.

But, the true shot across the bow to the Democrats was in regards to all the leaking from some party on their side, and playing games with their witness. If it wasn’t Senator Feinstein’s office who leaked all the allegations and did not tell the witness the committee would have gone to her, who was it? Games are being played by the Democrats, and Graham and other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee spent their remarks time shining a light on what they find to be wrong with the way the Democrats are doing business.

This is all very interesting. And it is fascinating that suddenly Lindsey Graham is the one standing up and leading the charge against the opposition. So long as there is no amnesty on the table, We the People are delighted to see him take up the mantle.

It’s about time somebody did.

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