London Mob Actually Believes Fake News About President Trump

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Another country visited, more mobs who only seem to watch the fake news.

While President Donald Trump visited dignitaries of the United Kingdom away from the square mile or so that is actually London proper, a few hundred thousand stopped in the center of the city for a little protest. Just like the rest of the people around the world who never seemed to follow him other than getting talking points from the mainstream media, the crowd carried placards and signs that, well, repeated the talking points.

Under a brilliant blue sky, demonstrators streamed through central London’s main streets carrying placards saying “Dump Trump” and “Keep your tiny hands off women’s rights”. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was among the throng….

But some Britons see the U.S. leader as crude, volatile, unreliable and opposed to their values on a range of issues. Those demonstrating against Trump included women’s rights campaigners, supporters of immigration and LGBT groups.

“Here, queer and angry,” said one banner. “Immigration is not a crime,” said another.

And then they flew that stupid baby balloon that was supposed to be an infantile Donald Trump Tweeting on a smartphone.

Some of the people in Britain actually think they could get under the man’s skin with this crap, just as the fake news told them would happen because he is so “thin-skinned.”

President Donald Trump is from Queens. They don’t do thin skinned there.

Trump told the Sun newspaper he was avoiding the capital as much as possible.

“I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, (there is) no reason for me to go to London,” he said.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has clashed repeatedly with Trump on Twitter, defended the demonstrations as free speech.

“The idea that we restrict freedom of speech, the right to assemble, the right to protest because somebody might be offended is a slippery slope,” Khan told BBC Radio.

The official pro-Trump rally is on Saturday after President Trump is already in Scotland for the weekend.

Funny, even in the United States, where Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real, the Democratic talking points have been dismissed. The Brits are really lagging behind on this one.

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  1. Londoners are either stupid or don’t want to see. But look at what is happening around them. A true Londoner is now a minority. Since Sajid Khan made mayor there’s been a major crime wave such as London hasn’t seen. There’s now 480 mosques in London and a lot have been built where churches were that were bought and pulled down. 500 church sites are now private residences. In 20 years there will be more muslims going to mosques than Christians going to church in London.
    There’s now 100 Sharia law courts in London …..made possible by dignitaries such as the former archbishop stating that common law can work with Sharia happily. Thats an uninformed error or a lie. Sharia law simply because of the archaic and barbaric punishments, women treated as second class and acceptance of child marriage is detrimental and incompatible to common law. Any modern law. It is the opposite to any freedoms if liberty having execution as a punishment for apostasy and homosexuality. A survey done with thousands of London Muslims found that 98℅ agree homosexuality should be made a criminal offence so it’s got me beat why homosexuals and tranvrstites are against Trump and for Islam. My guess is it won’t be in my lifetime but sooner than later England especially London will fall to Islam and Sharia will destroy common law. People like the Londoner transvestites, womens rights’ groups and homosexuals will find out then what Islam thinks about these people. The Islam they defended which needs westerners like these Trump haters to get a foothold on their country. They will found out the truth but it will be too late then.
    Obviously no one, not one of the protestors, have researched for themselves. Not one of those thousands of womens rights’ supporters know that Trump has given females Top Jobs in the White house, or that he supports women entrepreneurs. Not one of those thousands of supporters using the racist word against Trump coz of his stance on immigration must see how Europe is collapsing under mass immigration, how countries like Japan and China refuse Muslim immigrants but no one abuses their leaders or how Saudi Arabia, a rich Muslim country, wouldn’t allow not one of those migrants swarming past Saudi Arabia to go to Europe into their country. The leaders stated they did not want terrorists in Saudi Arabia so they took no one. I don’t hear outrage from people protesting about that …..not even the UN reprimanded Saudi leaders but they denigrate Trump for wanting the same thing.
    What’s a floating baby Trump balloon which the mayor approved of mean? The only babies I see are the ones still sooking and spitting out the dummy over Trump’s presidency. Khan said the protests are an expression of freedom of opinion. Well, why does that not apply the other way? Doesn’t trump have freedom of opinion or expression to say what he wants without being abused? Some English politicians and reporters who reacted when the Muslim rape gangs were finally reported operating in North England and London that multiculturalism isn’t working when the incoming culture believes underage western girls should be raped. They got sacked, villified and abused with racist abd Islamophobe tags by their own peers. One northern politician was murdered for speaking out about Muslims. Where was their freedom to speak their opinion without being attacked? It’s become okay for one side to have an opinion and not the other. Now people are too worried to speak up. To me they are worse than the westerns aiding the destruction of westerners. We must not be scared of words….If all supporters of Trump or opponents to mass muslim immigration got together like these Londoners and protested we will be heard eventually. Yes I realise when this has happened like in Australia with Reclaim rallies in capital cities crowds of uni students and lefties got together making speech from others impossible and attacking the protestors. But why doesn’t that happen to these protestors? Where are the Trump supporters or anti Islam groups acting on their freedom of speech? At home watching it all on TV….That’s why Europe with England first to go will be Islamic in the near future and Mohammed’s wish in the 7th century to create a global caliphate will become a reality.

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