Long Time Fox Talking Head Shows His True Colors With On Air Tantrum

The one thing that we can all say about Donald Trump and the way he goes about calling out the non-allies to his administration, the adversaries tend to jump to his bait and show their true colors.

This week, the network that bills itself to be fair and balanced, and America’s newsroom and wraps itself in the American flag found itself in the crosshairs of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. The man himself called out Fox News for something to which he objected the way it was presented. Following that admonishment, former Fox News anchor Brit Hume Tweeted out that Fox did not work for him. That snap back was followed up with an on air attempt at a rebuke from Fox talking head Neil Cavuto.

“First of all, Mr. President, we don’t work for you,” Cavuto declared. “I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you, just cover you. Call balls and strikes. Our job is to keep score, not settle scores.”…

“These aren’t fake items,” Cavuto said after listing off a bunch of the president’s most notorious comments. “They are real items and you really said them, just like you never paid to silence a porn star until it turns out you did.”

“You are right the media isn’t fair to you,” he continued. “That they are more inclined to report the bad than anything good about you so it’s no surprise you are frustrated that more aren’t in line with you—that everyone at Fox might not be in lockstep with you.”

Cavuto went on to reiterate that those at Fox News don’t work for the president before tossing out one final parting shot.

“Hard as it is to fathom, Mr. President, just because you’re the leader of the free world it doesn’t entitle you to a free pass,” he concluded.

One could argue with quite a bit of support that “news” operations are all about profits for their owners, not any noble mission, and that bad news is reported because it feeds ratings which leads to profits, but the news people would never report that. It would be entirely too revealing.


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