“Mad Dog” Turns Up In The White House Kitchen To…Serve Breakfast?

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There are some truly heartwarming stories out there about the current Secretary of Defense, sometimes referred to as a monk and a man married to the military. As a single gentleman, he was known to man desks on holidays so that his subordinates could be with their families. Now, having the absolute top job in the United States Military, Secretary James Mattis turned up in the most secure of kitchens to help out on Memorial Day Weekend.

The word from those who were there, including White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, is that while he did not cook, General Mattis was there to serve.

The White House kitchen is, well, different from other places where food is prepared around the country.

Although the president has his own dining room next to the Oval Office, the West Wing ground floor contains a restaurant run by the U.S. Navy and therefore referred to in military terms as a ‘mess hall,’” the White House Museum’s website reads.

“This encompasses the Ward Room — a navy term that refers to an officers’ dining room.”

There’s a reason for this, as Thrillist notes.

“With a strictness rivaled only by movie theaters, you’re not allowed to take outside food into the White House,” the site reports. “When visiting chefs cook there, they can’t bring pre-prepared sauces, as all ingredients must be obtained by the kitchen staff through secret and secure sources.”

Hmm… That way no food testers would be sacrificed in the name of security, presumably.

At any rate, it is refreshing to see the humility of a cabinet member who is willing to get out of the office and serve others in such a way. Foodservice, quite often, is a thankless job with long hours on one’s feet. Secretary Mattis is willing to take a shift to help out from time to time.

A lot of us would appreciate that in a boss.

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