Man BOOTED From NYC Bar For Wearing MAGA Hat, Judge Says So What

WOW, there really is no such thing as having seen it all or heard it all in this great era of the emerging libtard…

Back in January of 2017, a man by the name of Greg Piatek walked into a New York City Bar known as “The Happiest Hour” wearing a Trump Campaign Slogan Hat that read Make America Great Again… A slogan that awoke the sleeping giant known as “Middle America.”

Greg Piatek was accompanied by some friends of his and they were all served a round of drinks when they first arrived. At some point one of the bartenders noticed that Mr. Piatek was wearing the Make America Great Again hat and asked him if it was a joke.

Of course the only joke about the Make America Great Again slogan and our now President Donald J. Trump is on the coastal liberals and the head of the Clinton Crime Family… And no, Slick Willy in not who I am talking about.

When a second round was ordered Mr. Piatek says they were slammed down on the bar in front of them. Well, it didn’t take long for them to get kicked out of the bar after this…

Mr. Piatek says they were told:

“Anyone who supports Trump, or believes what you believe, is not welcome here! And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!”

Mr. Piatek, an accountant from Philadelphia was not feeling the “Happiest” at that hour and did what Americans do when they feel they have been wronged… He sued!

In is lawsuit he claimed the incident “offended his sense of being an American.” I’m not a big fan of civil litigation of trivial things, but I can certainly understand his frustration… After all, can anyone else remember when it was as socially unacceptable in this country to be patriotic and support the President as it is today? I’ve been around well over a half a century and I can’t ever recall such a time.

In a Manhattan Mr. Piatek’s attorney explained to Justice David Cohen that his client was wearing the hat because he was visiting the 9-11 Memorial to pay tribute to the victims who were killed on that tragic day.

The attorney for The Happiest Hour pointed out to the judge that political beliefs were not a protected class under the State of City anti-discrimination laws, noting that supporting President Trump is not a religion.

Well, truth be told there are many people these days who just might beg to differ and sure enough, at least on this occasion, Mr. Piatek’s attorney argued he was one of them.

His attorney argued that Mr. Piatek was paying spiritual tribute to the victims of 9-11 and the Make America Great Again hat was part of his spiritual belief… Now I can’t stand a lying attorney, and believe me they exist, I have seen them in action, but I do love honest creativity and this scores high on the pushing the envelope of honest creativity chart. 🙂

Mr. Piatek’s attorney further opined that rather than remove his hat, Mr. Piatek held true to his spiritual belief and was forced from the bar.

Well, you can imagine this prompted some questions from the judge, the first being just how in the heck the bartender was supposed to know of his unique Trumpian religion?

Well, how stupid… Mr. Piatek’s attorney quickly responded, “They were aware he was wearing the hat.”

In my mind there is no doubt the judge is a liberal… Any sensible judge would have told him to get the hell out of his courtroom as he gasped for breath laughing at the first answer, but not this judge, he had more questions. LOL

I suppose assuming the hat was a clear indication of his Trumian religion, the judge asked,

“How many members are in this spiritual program that your client is engaged in?” 

The rest of the conversation was brief, “So, it’s a creed of one? the judge asked… “Yes your honor,” said Mr. Piatek’s attorney…

The entire case only went on for about an hour and sounds like some sort of reality TV episode to me, but when the arguments were over the judge took a brief break. One has to wonder if most of it was spent laughing, but he returned with an ruling and opinion.

“Here the claim that the Plaintiff was not served and eventually escorted out of the bar because of his perceived support for President Trump is not outrageous conduct.”

“Plaintiff does not state any faith-based principle to which the hat relates.”

With that, Judge Cohen tossed the case out of the court.

I’m a YUGE Trump supporter and the idea that someone got tossed out of a bar for wearing a Make America Great Again hat expressing support for the President infuriates me, but to argue he was discriminated against for Trumpian religious beliefs is just plain silly.

The report by FOX News on this story indicates that The Happiest Hour bar denied Piatek had been removed from the bar at all, stating that he was “sufficiently pleased with his service at the bar,” pointing to his $186 tab that had a $36 tip added to it…

The bar owner suggest the lawsuit was nothing but a publicity stunt.

Now I have to admit, I don’t find the $186 br tab all that excessive since there were several others with him. What I do find suspicious is the $36 tip… I am well known at the establishments I eat at for tipping well, but give me attitude then kick me out… Sorry, you are not getting a tip!

Equally as suspicious though is just what kind of publicity would a 31-year-old accountant from Philadelphia benefit from suing a bar in Manhattan?

In spite of all the weirdness, Mr. Piatek’s attorney says they are reviewing the decision to determine if they will appeal the case or not… Weird times we are living in America… 🙂

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