Many Illegal Aliens Are Doing Something Surprising!

Given the backdrop of the current news situation in Washington and beyond, one would think that illegal aliens of all stripes, not just the criminals, come into the United States and just squat here waiting to get caught for one reason or another. But, that does not seem to be the case. According to information gathered by the Marshall Project, illegals are leaving on their own accord rather than have to deal with the government.

Illegal immigrants who were granted voluntary departure — also known as “self-deportation” — increased by 50% in 2017, according to information compiled by The Marshall Project. In fiscal year 2018, the number of aliens who asked an immigration court for permission to leave the country on their own accord doubled from the previous fiscal year. Applications in 2018, in fact, reached a seven-year high.

The rising number of self-deportations far outpaces the 17% growth in overall U.S. immigration cases, indicating that a higher percentage of illegal migrants are opting to leave rather than face government-coerced deportation.

Why this is the case is really a matter of avoiding an unwanted ordeal, apparently.

There are incentives for illegals who choose to voluntarily leave. Instead of being held in a detention center for an indefinite amount of time or undergo a strenuous courtroom battle, undocumented immigrants can simply return to their home country. Additionally, migrants who don’t have a deportation on their record are not required to wait years to apply for a U.S. visa to re-enter the country.

For a growing number of illegals who are detained, self-deportation appears to be the best option.

“They’re tired of living in here, of dealing with [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], dealing with guards, dealing with the injustice. … They give up,” said Alejandra Garcia Zamarron, a 32-year-old Mexican national who had been living in the U.S. illegally for nearly two decades until she was caught driving with an unregistered vehicle and lied to a police officer about her identity.

If that is the case, then who are we, the American people, to stop these law breakers.

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  1. The statement she made about the injustice she was living under having to hide out for twenty-three years while receiving an education, housing, MediCal and other things provided by the American taxpaying citizens is lawbreaking.
    The injustice was to the American taxpayers because she and her family didn’t pay for anything

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