Marine Corps Recruitment Office Destroyed By Antifa In Berkeley

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Calling for “fascism” to be “swept out,” members of the national leftist group Antifa met up with some members of the opposition when they broke through the windows of a Marine Corps recruitment office in Berkeley, California.

The clashes started after right-wing groups announced they would be hosting a “No to Marxism” rally. In response, the Antifa groups announced a “Sweep Out Fascism” counter protests at the same location, encouraging their members to wear masks to protect their identities. 

Yeah, that’s the way to go about protesting peacefully. Cover faces so no one can be fingered for the mayhem that may follow.

It didn’t take long for the two groups to turn violent. According to the Berkeley Police Department, dozens of weapons were confiscated and three people had to be treated for injuries after explosives were ignited.

Yeah, blowing stuff up is not going to change anyone’s mind on fascism, or Marxism. All it is going to do is cause destruction.

Beyond the violence, there was also property damage to many of the buildings near the site of the protests. Protesters seemed to targeted city property, destroying 21 city vehicles by smashing windows, slashing tires, and setting at least one vehicle on fire. 

Are we sure both sides of anti-fascism and anti-marxism aren’t on the same side?

Do the people in the groups doing all the violence and clashing even know what fascism and Marxism are?

These are the questions that need to be asked as skirmishes like this pop up across the nation. True right-leaning groups that don’t want either fascism or Marxism generally are not violent. They are everyday Americans who just want to be left alone to work a job for a decent wage and be able to live comfortably on what they make among the people they love.

It’s the one thing that whoever is bankrolling Antifa doesn’t want to be common knowledge even if it probably is.

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