Marines Letter To Melania Trump… This Marine Tells Her Like It Is!

TO: Melania Trump

FROM: One Grateful U.S. Marine

Dear Mrs. Trump,

Since you have become our Nation’s First Lady the Mainstream Media has done nothing but attack and demean you, so I thought it was time someone let you know that they do not represent all of America and there are many of us who are thrilled to have a First Lady in the White House who represents the country with class and dignity… Something we missed the previous eight-years during the Obama Administration.

We have seen you criticized by the liberal left for everything from your accent to the shoes wore departing on a flight to visit victims of the hurricanes in the south.

As someone who has traveled the world and had the privilege of living in several countries, none where my first language English was spoken, I have nothing but respect for your linguistic ability as do many other Americans. Only those on the liberal left have the obnoxious arrogance to criticize an immigrant for their accent while claiming to be advocates of illegal immigrants who have been in the country for twenty years and still can’t speak the English language.

You had many famous designers refuse to make clothing for you soon after you became First Lady, even though you had not asked them to design your clothing, yet every time you appear in public you look like a Goddess eloquently dressed and poised.

American’s like me, who are not stupid enough to believe you would enter a flood zone wearing the same stiletto heels you boarded Air Force One wearing… The same American’s who cling to our bibles and guns… Are thrilled to have you representing the United States.

I have no doubt said some things about your haters that you would never utter—you have way too much class—and I apologize if it seems harsh to you, but those of us who support you and your husband are fed up with the lack of respect we see toward you and your husband.

It is starting to look more and more like the country is getting to the bottom of all these Russian collusion lies and the investigations are leading us right into the Obama White House. We are all hoping that your husband will be exonerated soon and the two of you can continue your work representing the United States with pride and eloquence.

Thank you for being such a fantastic representative of America and bringing class and patriotism back to the role of the First Lady.

God Bless you and your husband and God Bless the USA!


The Grateful Marine

The Trump News Gazette


  1. The Honest Honorable Marine and Words Of Praise and Thanks unto Melania,,, I truly agree and yes,, there are many in Our USA that feel the same.. You Melania are a First Class Marvelous Lady..To God We Shall Always Give Thanks And Praise, For You And Our President.. You Both have brought a quality of knowledge and sensibility into the White House that has been desecrated because of the dishonor unto Our Established Constitution.. We are a Nation Unto God, and shall always be.. Our Father God has Blessed and Given us Life in His Son Jesus Name..and Our Forefathers Established Who And What We Are As A Nation..We for all these years have Stood For That Honor.. with Praise and Thanksgiving.. We Bow Our Hearts In Admiration for what this President,, Donald J. Trump and Mrs. Melania Trump have given Our Country to become Great Again.. May God Bless the USA, and bring all Law and Order back, and Thank the Lord also for Our Armed Forces,, And All that have Given Life and Limb with Integtity and Desire that we be Great in Divine Purpose and Order..

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