Matt Gaetz Takes On The Coven At The View

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is one brave man. The day after the disaster of a debate among the people left running for president for the Democrats – and one heck of a Trump rally in Arizona – the quick-witted and very outspoken gentleman took on the…ladies, to be polite, of The View.

One topic of conversation was the current headline of President Trump’s former advisor Roger Stone being sentenced to forty months in prison for process crimes related to the Russia Russia Russia hoax. The gentleman took it upon himself to school the…ladies.

It turns out the jury foreperson in the Stone trial was an anti-Trump Democratic activist, the type of person you would expect to find on Robert Mueller’s legal team, not leading an impartial jury. Gaetz was asked if he thought the president should pardon Mr. Stone.

“I do,” Gaetz answered, “And I think it requires a review of the pardon power.” Gaetz fought to answer the question as co-host Meghan McCain took issue with the idea of Trump pardoning Stone.

“Come on. He’s the swampiest swap creature,” McCain interjected, seemingly unaware of what “the swamp” represents.

“Barack Obama pardoned over 1,700 people,” Gaetz continued. “Bill Clinton pardoned 459 people. Bill Clinton pardoned 16 people who were members of a Puerto Rican terrorist organization that planned murders at the Bronx Tavern here in the United States of America.”

Little facts like that tend not to sit well with leftist females.

And furthermore, defense of the presidential pardon practice is not always all that appreciated, but he did it anyway.

“I would agree that Roger Stone should be pardoned,” Gaetz concluded. “If for no other reason than there has been a double standard in this country where people like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Clapper, Brennan have not faced consequences.”

Hopefully, that is coming.

Here’s the segment. Enjoy!


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