Gen Mattis Readying Troops For Southern Border…


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It may not be the response that many on the conservative side of American politics really want to see, but it looks like Secretary of Defense General James Mattis may actually be ready to put hundreds, 800 to be exact, of troops on the southern border which is the target of columns of invading migrants dead set on getting in America the illegal way.

CNN and the Associated Press reported on Thursday that Defense Secretary James Mattis could order additional troops to the southern U.S. border as early as this week. CNN claims that officials said the final details on the deployment orders are being worked out. It is not clear if these will be additional National Guard troops or active duty military, the article states.

President Donald Trump hinted at the military response to the Central American caravan in a tweet on Thursday where he said, “I am bringing out the military for this National Emergency. They will be stopped!”

Eight hundred against a horde of over ten thousand does not sound like much, and indeed it is not. The troops are not the only American law enforcement at the border. In fact, they will be there to support the rest of the people already at the border.

Officials told CNN that the troops will not engage in “lethal operations to stop the migrants.” The troops are expected to play support roles for Border Patrol agents and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers who will be tasked with stopping the migrants from entering the U.S. The troops are expected to provide tents and medical care for border authorities in addition to additional manpower and logistics for shoring up border fencing and walls at points where the migrants are expected to attempt to cross.

Okay, so it’s not setting up a perimeter with tanks and artillery, but the presence of the troops will expand the capacity of the border patrol while the people that actually do make it to the border are processed.

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