Melania Sitting Next To Obama Once Again Shows The World What Real Class Looks Like


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How has it come to this? How is it that in this world good manners are so seldom seen by public officials and figures, that when one person with a household name displays them, headlines appear?

On Saturday, in Houston’s St. Martin Episcopal Church First Lady Melania Trump attended the funeral of her predecessor, Barbara Bush. Protocol, of course, dictated this turn of events, but how the woman acted while sitting next to Barack Obama and the Clintons…The Daily Caller described it as pure class.

Melania stood proudly smiling and waving at those in the audience. Multiple times she could be seen laughing and creating a polite conversation with her husband’s predecessor, Barack Obama. The two could be seen smiling on multiple occasions together.

At a funeral, one would hope such manners are a matter of course, not something to be marveled over, but there we are. This is what American life has come to. Pointing out graciousness.

As for the rest of the former occupiers of the White House:

Hillary and Bill Clinton, further down the pew, could be seen looking on solemnly.

One has to wonder if they even have their funerals planned. Presidents are supposed to have state funeral plans written out.

At any rate, the other living first couple, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were unable to attend due to Mrs. Carter not being well. They did send their condolences.

As for the respect of Mrs. Bush, many women in attendance were dressed in navy blue with multiple strands of pearls around their necks, her signature accessory. She will be remembered for her love of children and family, her spaniels Ranger and Millie and their puppies (the last dogs whelped in the White House), her efforts in literacy and many more interests.

At the time of her husband’s presidency, Mrs. Bush herself was the epitome of class. That Melania Trump merely continues that tradition should not have to invoke headlines.


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