Melania Trump Maintains Poise As Salacious Allegations Continue


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Rich, good-looking people have forever and a day been the targets of scheming opportunists. The vast majority of people on the fruited plain in the United States assume this and recognize the pattern in two stories swirling around the First Family. In each case, a woman who made her name in the buff has claimed that she had an affair with the current president about the time his youngest child was born.

The claims themselves were not made until after the man was in office. To add another layer to the mystery of why Donald Trump would mess around on his wife who was a model, and one classy woman, the president is a known germophobe. Heaven only knows what those two women have been exposed to over the years and Stormy told Anderson Cooper he did not use a condom.

At any rate, any time there are allegations, warranted or not, of extra-marital activities of men in power, all eyes go the wife. In the case of the Trumps, Melania has pretty much stayed out of the spotlight and has not acknowledged the existence of any of the controversy.

What that means is a matter for speculation only. She simply isn’t talking. Of late, a spokesperson claims she has been with her son on vacation in Florida, a plausible explanation as it is spring break season. Mrs. Trump also visited a hospital in the area.

That does not mean that the first lady is truly in hiding.

The first lady, who has been a holiday with son Barron in Florida, made a surprise visit to Palm Beach’s St. Mary’s Medical Center to spend time with the young patients and doctors treating them.

Stephanie Grisham, the director of communications for Melania, responded to the story, stating the reports that the first lady is “ashamed” are false. Grisham went on to challenge the publication’s sources to make the claims on the record.

And that is the problem with the whole story. No one is willing to back their words. All of the talk about trouble in the Trump marriage is pure speculation.

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