Mental Midget Brings His Own Toilet To Singapore. Wants People To Stay Out Of His S—


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I know, the title sounds like something you might read from the satire site the Onion, but honest… It is absolutely true!

It sounds so insane that I spent a fair amount of time trying to think of a title that would not scream “FAKE NEWS” but how do you make a story about a world leader who packs his own toilet not sound ridiculous? It’s insane! LOL

The Mental Midget Kim Jong Un is said to have left North Korea with 3 Chinese planes that were transporting his staff, car, and supplies. Included in those supplies was his own food and yes, his own toilet.

The Mental Midget is apparently one paranoid Hombre. Being paranoid as he is, one can understand a world leader being concerned about their food… Heck, the President of the United States, all of them not just Trump, take precautions with food… It would be a reasonable method of poisoning a head of state if the bad guys knew when and where they purchased their food.

What is not commonplace is traveling with a toilet, but Kim Jong Un is said to be concerned that some may be interested in getting a hold of his dung so they can study it and learn more about him than he likely knows about himself.

Truthfully, I suspect he may have taken this precaution because of the media reports about the last North Korean Soldier having worms and parasites in his stool samples. Kim Jong Un doesn’t look like he is malnourished in the least though and I doubt he is eating from the same dumpsters that his people are.

One does have to wonder if the Mental Midget is familiar with modern plumbing though… I’m sure if the intel people really wanted to they could find a way to separate the dung Kim Jong Un flushes down the toilet in a hotel with several hundred other rooms… Not an assignment I would want. LOL

For President Trump’s sake, I hope the Mental Midget packed some soap and washes his hands before shaking his hand. 🙂

As they say… You can’t make this stuff up… LOL

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