Mexican Drug Cartels In Trump’s Sights After Americans Killed In Crossfire

Innocent people dying in a turf war between gangs tend to get the attention of the sort the gangs really don’t want.

That appears to be the case in Mexico where three American mothers and their children died Monday night.

The mothers were driving from Bavispe to a wedding in LaBaron, another Mormon community in the state of Chihuahua, when their three vehicles loaded with children were attacked by gunfire, causing one of the vehicles to explode in flames.

The attack happened near Rancho La Mora on the border between Sonora and Chihuahua, in a remote, mountainous area where the Sinaloa cartel has been engaged in a turf war with another gang. The ambush scene stretched for miles.

The victims were members of a splinter group of Mormons, the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, who moved south of the border when the religious sect decided to cease the practice of polygamy, or men having more than one wife. They have lived in the area since 1920.

Mexican authorities said Tuesday that nine people died and that four children were injured in the attack, but Mexico’s Public Safety Secretary said six children were injured and another one might be missing.

Eight children were found alive after escaping from the vehicles and hiding in the brush, but several had bullet wounds or other injuries.

Following the attack, President Donald Trump took to his Twitter account.

That sounds an awful lot like an offer the president of Mexico really should not refuse. American special forces have been known to clean out some pretty dangerous nests of criminals. If the Mexican forces cannot – or are not willing to – deal with the cartels in a way that neutralizes them, Americans can help.

This matter is not resolved, and until it is, travel to certain parts of Mexico truly is perilous for those without automatic weapons.

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