Mexican President Rejects Trump’s Offer

Is the President of Mexico serious about cleaning out the cartels or not? One has to wonder after his statements made regarding help from the United States to go after the people who killed nine American citizens.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador brushed off criticisms against his government’s position and reiterated Wednesday during his daily media briefing that violence was not the answer or appropriate response to the growing deaths at the hands of cartels.

“It was lamentable, painful because children died, but do we want to resolve the problem the same way (as previous administrations)? By declaring war?” he asked. “That, in the case of our country, showed that it does not work. That was a failure. It caused more violence.”

Uh, El Presidente, the guilty are criminals who have no problem killing other humans. Why would we not use bullets to go after them?

Oh, wait, that’s an American sentiment. Obrador is very obviously not one.

“We are carrying out a different policy because the policy that was applied during 36 years was a resounding failure and it caused a lot of damage, a lot of sadness, a lot of deaths, a lot of losses for Mexicans,” he added. “We will not continue with the same and we will show that our proposal works, despite it not being easy. We are confident that we will achieve good results.”

Well, jeez, with previous American administrations providing the cartels with weapons, and the Mexican “officials” not trying all that hard to deal with the problem, it got out of hand. Of course, it didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean not going after the criminals is going to have a positive result.

Where this particular issue goes from here will be interesting to watch. President Donald Trump does not take kindly to foreigners killing Americans, even on their own soil. And his is Commander in Chief of a military that includes lethal special forces capable of taking out the world’s most dangerous terrorists.

El Presidente might keep that in mind.

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