Mexico Follows Through On Promise To Help At The Border

It’s still too early to really call it a victory in international strong-arming, but CNN is reporting that the government of Mexico is sending 15,000 troops to help out with matters at the border between that fairly corrupt nation and the United States.

“In the northern part of the country, we have deployed a total of almost 15,000 troops composed of National Guard elements and military units,” Sandoval announced today in Cancun.

Approximately 2,000 National Guard members have already been deployed to Mexico’s southern border with Belize and Guatemala, he noted, adding to the 4,500 troops already spread across the area. Many migrants begin their journey in Central America and even further south, passing through Mexico on their way toward the United States.

Due to the sheer magnitude of the problem of people walking through Mexico on their way to the desert southwest in the United States, the Mexican government has requested help in dealing with it from the United States and the United Nations.

One of the enduring problems with dealing with the southern border of the United States is the lack of action from Congress to fix the laws necessary for its security. Another during the Trump Administration has been flat out sabotage from the very people assigned with the task of heading up the security and working to deport the people already here.

In the last week, no less than President Donald Trump himself accused the head of Homeland Security of leaking plans to deport illegal aliens in order to keep it from happening.

In a move he said was to placate Democrats, President Trump announced on Saturday that the nationwide immigration enforcement operation planned to start Sunday — aimed at migrant families who illegally remain in the country despite being denied asylum — was called off to give lawmakers two weeks to work on a plan to fix legal “loopholes” he said have enticed migrants to come to the U.S.

However, all five officials who spoke with the Washington Examiner confirmed McAleenan’s decision to go rogue and stymie the operation was what prompted the White House to call off the 10-city operation.

That, Houston, is a problem that needs to be solved if we have any hope of helping Mexico do its part in securing the southern border.


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