Michael Cohen Is Telling More Stories About President Trump

True to the modus operandi of really obsessed people, it looks like the Wall Street Journal may have dug up some ancient history on a 2015 poll that may have benefitted President Donald Trump. Disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen now claims he paid a firm to do the rigging at Trump’s direction.

So what did the WSJ article say? According to the New York Times:

The Journal reported that in early 2015, before Mr. Trump declared himself a candidate for president, Mr. Cohen gave $12,000 to $13,000 in cash stuffed in a Walmart bag to John Gauger, the owner of RedFinch Solutions, who also works for Liberty University. The money was in exchange for help boosting Mr. Trump’s name in two online polls.

Mr. Cohen was supposed to pay Mr. Gauger $50,000 for the work, the man told The Journal, but the full amount was never paid out. However, Mr. Cohen billed the Trump Organization $50,000 for technology services, according to federal prosecutors in Manhattan, who referenced the amount in a charging document.

All of this he said/he said is offered without any proof and has been reported in the most breathless way imaginable. All this does is lend credence to the idea that the mainstream media will do and say just about anything to damage President Donald Trump whether it really happened or not.

The poll in question is four years old. It was done long before the election and even before Trump announced his candidacy for president. It is old news. Really old news. And with no paper trail produced, did it really happen. Michael Cohen is not known as the most reliable witness against the president.

It is all very suspicious, especially when Maggie Haberman is the one writing the New York Times take on Michael Cohen being a former fixer, and when the discussion involves tens of thousands of dollars.


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  1. A few things I read and heard on the way to the forum:
    1. In spite of the best laid plans of mice and Clintonites, someone other than Hillary won the presidential election.
    2. The false sense of security allowed Hillary to believe all her underlings when they assured her she would win in a landslide, thus raising the ire of one of Wellesly’s purest self promoting arrogant elite.
    3. Would it be possible to bolster ones popularity and solid position in the political world by having the previous administration’s UN representative ( Samantha Power) use her position to secure the identities/dossiers of approximately 236 potential enemies of Clintonites or Obamatons?
    4. Did the Clintonites pay for the “fake dossier” before she lost?
    5. If # 4 above is true, could that be part of the insurance policy that Peter and Lisa discussed?
    6. Did Comey actually admit publicly that he gave a friend FBI material in hopes it would prompt a ” special counsel ” appointment?
    7. How secure did Comey appear when he apparently felt impervious to scrutiny since he ” so eloquently interrogated Hillary and gave her a clean bill of health, along with Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin?
    8. What caused all the “Panic” when Hillary lost? Could the upper echelon of the FBI have involved themselves so deep into destroying a lawfully elected president of the US?
    9. That they had compromised themselves as “law enforcement” officials so much so that a presidential pardon would have to be granted, but the wrong person won, so all the crooks were as busy as a ” herd of cats” in the proverbial sandbox, attempting to cover-up ( distance themselves ) from the label ” dirty cops”
    10. From the looks of things, did it ever occur to anyone that the Clintonite money may have either “bought” the assistance of the previous administration or employees to accomplish some of the “strangest” activities of any political activists?
    a. Since the former soviet union was having a plutonium/uranium shortage, wouldn’t it be exceptionally benevolent of the Clintonites if the Secretary of State were to manage the sale of 20% ( TWENTY PERCENT ) of the US arsenal to Putin?
    b. Considering the severity of the Soviet Nuclear weapon shortage, even if Putin DID NOT have the funds to buy such a large portion of nuclear material, wouldn’t that joint activity between Putin and Hillary help lay the groundwork of COLLUSION between Trump and his friend Vladimir Putin?
    11. Remember how Trump was admonished because he didn’t consider Putin a sworn enemy? If the Main Stream Media could be convinced or teased into giving the Trump/Putin coziness and bonding, that would go a long way into” dropping the hint” of how involved Trump could have been during the nuclear purchase?
    12. How about the raids on Manafort and Cohen homes? All the evidence taken? Part of the Pinch then Pressure two men close to Trump. Manafort was to long ago so lets hit Cohen hard.
    a. BANG!! 70 hours of questioning and eventually possibly years in jail. Was it Julianni who became Cohen’s lawyer or Lanny Davis. Hmmm where have I seen that name….I have it by Jove, Lanny was or still is an attorney and has done tons of work for the Clintonites. That bad old man Trump had hurt his “fixer” so Lanny would help……with Hillary’s blessing and a wee bit o cash. Lo and behold, Cohen begins to remember all kinds of nasty stuff that bad old man Trump did to him. Did he have a memory lapse before the committee? Ahhh ha,,…..Lanny weaseled all that forgotten stuff out of him…..film at 11
    13. And just who was the Director of the FBI during the Benghazi Incident? Wait,….don’t tell me…..I’ll remember it later. So when the murders happened at the US Embassy Annex, things were kinda fuzzy, so we best not call in the FBI until……..2 weeks later, the murder scene has been compromised but the FBI finally gets in and stays on the case a full 12 hours. Did they check out the storage annex? 3 men supposedly died there. What was so important that 3 good men gave their lives to protect?
    14. Who was trying to get the Libyan people to help GET Quadaffi? Did the US make an attempt to recruit a Libyan national to lead a revolt against Quadaffi? Were the 3 men who gave their lives guarding the Benghazi Embassy storage annex because it housed munitions for the rebellion? Was the weapon cache intended for the rebellion and was that information compromised and alerted to un-friendly forces? Was the non existent film that supposedly incited the riots hastily configured to conceal the truth about a leak that compromised the rebellion?
    15. Why was Weiner the recipient of e-mails from Hillary?
    16. Could this be just one of the reasons Comey gave Mills and Uma Abedin immunity?
    17. The possibility of the Clintonites possessing other dossiers on many members of government is how viable?
    18. Ask yourself the questions. What are the possibilities of
    a. the power and money of the Clintonites, coupled with the Justice Dept, The FBI, The CIA, The DIA and other government entities staging a silent coup?
    b. of those who support a coup, being treated fairly and justly by the leaders of the coup?
    c. that history speaks truth to the aftermath of a coup, whether violently or a silent coup?
    d. of dictatorial rule following a violent coup?
    e. when we look at the foothold the socialist, marxist and communist have gained since “The Bay of Pigs,” how stable does the Republic appear?

    And finally; Think about your own love of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, how confident are you that you can sustain your belief and courage?

  2. The Dems have tried to grind us down for years to change the direction of our country. But who have the dems really been working with.. The globalist like the rockafellows and the soros and the rothchilds. they are the ones behind the curtain of deceite. They are now being destroyed hehind the scenes and it is up to us to get back on the right road. The swamp that followed those people are being removed We all who have brains can see what Trump is doing now and why. And here we have a weasel cohan who is working for the left to try and get less time in prison for all that he did that was corrupt and bring down our pres with him. We can’t allow this people. We have to fight like we never fought before. Keep voicing and let the left know where we stand. The bad ones will be destroyed by their own making.

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