Migrant Mother Sues ICE For $60 Million After Death Of Her 19-Month-Old Daughter {{VIDEO}}

A woman who crossed into the United States from Mexico and was detained at the Dilley, Texas facility is suing the United States government for lack of treatment received from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement when her daughter fell ill less than a week after their journey from Guatemala.

Yazmin Juarez’s 19-month-old daughter, Mariee, died in May, six weeks after they were released from the immigration facility in Dilley.

Juarez and her attorney allege that ICE and those running the facility provided substandard medical care for the toddler after she suffered a respiratory infection while in detention.

“The US government had a duty to provide this little girl with safe, sanitary living conditions and proper medical care but they failed to do that resulting in tragic consequences,” attorney R. Stanton Jones said in a statement.

“Mariee entered Dilley a healthy baby girl and 20 days later was discharged a gravely ill child with a life-threatening respiratory infection. Mariee died just months before her 2nd birthday because ICE and others charged with her medical care neglected to provide the most basic standard of care as her condition rapidly deteriorated and her mother Yazmin pleaded for help.”

According to U.S. officials, the child was treated with medication by the medical staff at Dilley. After their release, Juarez took her daughter to New Jersey where she was treated in a children’s hospital for six weeks before succumbing to respiratory failure.

Migrant Mother Sues ICE For  Million After Death Of Her 19-Month-Old Daughter {{VIDEO}}

The article cited above does not name the infection diagnosed. Any number of infectious diseases have been recorded among the immigrants coming into the country across the southern border including tuberculosis which strikes when a body is worn down. It may be that the girl contracted something that caused pneumonia, or some other condition, but the reality is after a long journey, with a body being tired, it is an open invitation for such a sickness to take hold.

The death of a child is a tragedy any time it happens. Laying the blame for who is responsible…without the details, it is very hard to determine that.


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