Monster MAGA Economic Numbers Reported For April

Fundamentally, when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, what Make America Great Again is all about is returning prosperity to the people, more specifically, to the middle class that took one economic hit after another in the three decades following the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

For thirty years, the United States sank economically as regulations and tax hikes strangled the buying power of the people. All it took to reverse that was removing those fetters and allowing the economy to take flight as it was always meant to. After two years of President Donald Trump’s MAGA push, proof that he was more than right all along is now in headlines that cannot be denied. The United States has the best economy we’ve seen since the Nixon Administration.

The economy generated a stronger than expected 263,000 new jobs in April, helping to drive down the unemployment rate to a 49-year low of 3.6%. The increase in new jobs easily topped the 217,000 MarketWatch forecast. The jobless rate slid from 3.8% in March to hit the lowest level since December 1969. The average wage paid to American workers rose 6 cents, or 0.2%, to $27.77 an hour. The 12-month rate of hourly wage gains was unchanged at 3.2%. Hours worked each week fell 0.1 hour in April to 34.4. The government revised the increase in new jobs in March to 189,000 from a preliminary 196,000. February’s gain was raised to 56,000 from 33,000.

The new jobs in question may well be seasonal as the USA is coming out of winter, and a particularly brutal one at that, where construction and other outdoor jobs would have been hard to come by in the cold. However, with the jobless rate as low as it is, workers are being rewarded with higher wages as the supply and demand rule of thumb kicks in. Employers are now having to actually reward workers, not just tell them they are lucky to have a job.

And in the end that win makes all of the vitriol of the last four years more than worth it. America is on her way to being great again, the way she was always meant to be.

Thank you, President Trump.

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