More Delays By Republican Congress Leaves Immigration Laws A Mess

Republican Congress

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Now that the plight of children being brought across the southern border has come to light nationally, even if the left is resisting full acceptance of the reality, the opportunity is ripe for Republicans to fix the problems that have been plaguing immigration for decades.

So far, they are really trying to avoid actually getting anything done. Crucial votes to get the legislation to progress through the system has been postponed again because neither bill under consideration can actually get enough votes to pass.

Between the two bills, the three issues that appear to be stumbling blocks are a path to citizenship for the kids brought across when they were underage (the so-called Dreamers), the electronic E-Verify system that assures employers that the people they hire are actually American citizens, and funding for the wall.

It sounds like rank and file Republicans don’t want to commit to any one or all of these components and it is holding things up.

It would be a really good idea if Republicans currently in office would kindly quit goofing off and do what the American people, not necessarily their corporate sponsors, want or they might find themselves primaried.

This problem at the border – not just parents being separated from children and unaccompanied minors – has been going on for at least twenty years. It is beyond time to do something about it no matter who is sitting behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office. So, just buck up and get it done. Find a way. It has to be possible.

The truth is, we the people want the wall above all. Yes, it’s going to be expensive, but in the end, it will be worth it on a lot of levels.

E-Verify, yes, is a pain to deal with, but it does save American employers from inadvertently breaking the law.

As for the Dreamers, their being here is not their fault. If they are productive and want to be citizens, why not a path.

It does not all have to be done at once, but the open door does need to be closed. The horror stories of young girls being sent here with Plan B because rape is now expected on the passage through the desert need to stop. So does the flow of young children who are unaccompanied and really are not old enough for the rigors of the journey.

That is what needs to be fixed, and not closing all the loopholes is not just a disservice to Americans, but to many other people who have been sold a bill of goods thinking that America is just one, big, open country and they can come and go at will.

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