What Do You Call More Registered Voters Than Adults In US? Voter FRAUD

Voters who pay attention in most states recognize that there is something just wrong about the way we do elections. In a lot of places, no photo ID is required to vote, and in almost all locations, votes are counted by machines made by a George Soros company. Yes, George Soros, the man so committed to taking down America, that he donates to candidates for Secretary of State, the people who certify the votes, all over the nation.

Thanks to some legwork done by Judicial Watch and FoxNews’s Deroy Murdock, we now also know that there are entirely too many people on the voter roles in some key counties across the nation.

Deroy Murdock, a Fox News contributor and a contributing editor of National Review Online, tabulated Judicial Watch’s data and found 462 counties (18.5% of the 2,500 counties studied) where the registration rate exceeded 100%. Altogether, there were 3,551,760 more people registered to vote than the adult U.S. citizens in these counties — enough over-registered voters to populate a ghost-state about the size of Connecticut, according to Judicial Watch attorney Robert Popper.

Didn’t Hillary Clinton supposedly win the popular vote in 2016 by about 3 million?


Here are some counties where registered voters outnumber adult citizens:

101% registration rate in Delaware’s New Castle County.
108% registration rate in Georgia’s Fulton County.
112% registration rate (or 707,475 ghost voters) in California’s Los Angeles County.
138% registration rate (or 810,966 ghost voters) in California’s San Diego County.
154% registration rate in Washington’s Clark County.
162% registration rate in New Mexico’s Harding County, where there were 62% more registered voters than adult citizens.

As a person who recently purged over 10,000 unread emails…how does that work? Are the voter rolls not confirmed on a regular basis? Is there no question on the voter registration that asks where a person was previously registered to vote, and do the states not share when someone has moved? What about going through death certificates. A lot of us are pretty sure our dead relatives vote.

But, seriously, here’s the kicker:

More troubling still are the numbers of ghost voters in battleground states where Electoral College votes can be decided by incredibly narrow margins:

Colorado: 159,373
Florida: 100,782
Iowa: 31,077
Michigan: 225,235
New Hampshire: 8,211
North Carolina: 189,721
Virginia: 89,979

All states that regularly are “too close to call.”

Honestly, the way the states maintain the voter rolls is up to them, but at a minimum, the local officials should be purging the dead, and those who have moved on a regular basis. We also desperately need to use photo IDs and paper ballots which should be counted by hand with witnesses in the precincts.

Anything else leaves election so open to fraud it is not even funny.

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