Mueller Has IGNORED One Important Witness… WHY?

IF the entire situation wasn’t so serious on one level it would be laughable. It seems that during the course of Robert Mueller’s Russia Russia Russia witch hunt, uh, investigation, he hasn’t asked to speak to the Russian lady lawyer who talked her way into Trump Tower.

Natalia Veselnitskaya told The Associated Press that she has met with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, but has not heard from Mueller in relation to his probe.

She claimed that Mueller would contact her if he was interested in the truth about the 2016 campaign, the AP reported.

This, of course, was related to the meeting with Donald Trump, Jr., who called it a total waste of time, and Jared Kushner who emailed his assistant while in the meeting to have her call him to get him out of it.

Actually, Mueller not paying the Russian woman any attention is entirely laughable. The main issue seems to be that she got used to the attention from the nothingburger.

Veselnitskaya said she met with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee in Berlin on March 26, where they spoke for three hours. She told the AP that members “listened very carefully” and asked her “sharp, pin-pointed” questions.

She said they asked mainly about her meeting at Trump Tower, which has come under intense scrutiny in the multiple congressional investigations into Russian election meddling.

They also reportedly talked about the Steele dossier that she dismissed as nonsense…good thing since we now know that absolutely no official intelligence was used to develop the content of the thing.

In the end, since Mueller has only charged a small handful of people with procedural not even crimes, the whole “investigation” may produce less than nothing. Why the Russian lady wants to talk to him…seriously, since the only crimes so far have been made against people who supposedly were plants in the Trump machine….

Yeah, any desire to talk to Mueller is a bid for attention.

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  1. Why would you interview her ? She is a Russian and will lie just like Trump ! Everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie !

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