Mueller’s Capitol Hill Testimony Not All The Democrats Were Hoping For

Well, that was a disaster.

On Wednesday morning, against the very public advice of President Donald J. Trump, the Democrats in charge of the House Judiciary Committee had former Special Counsel Robert Mueller to their committee chambers for a back and forth, and, well, the Democrats’ answer to Karl Rove put it exactly right as pointed out by Florida’s Rep. Matt Gaetz.

And no one who either watched the spectacle or read accounts of it will argue the point, either.

Mr. Mueller did not appear to really completely comprehend questions, nor did he give well thought out or considered answers. It can be concluded from much of the testimony that Mueller had not much to do with the report that bears his name. In fact, Brian Cates of The Epoch Times puts it rather succinctly.

That’s about how three hours of back and forth discussion went. Mueller appeared to be confused, could not hear questions that were asked, was only using one side of his body according to a medical professional known to this writer, and honestly seems to have aged considerably of late. It was as if the man is simply not well with an ailment of older humans.

That being the case, what is painfully obvious after this hearing is that someone else was in charge of the witch hunt that was known as the Special Counsel investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump for President campaign. At this time, without further testimony, it is assumed that person is Andrew Weissmann, a Democrat attorney. With the Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives, it is doubtful that that avenue of investigation will be pursued with any sort of vigor any time soon.

Honestly, the Democrats put all of their hopes and dreams eggs into the basket of the Mueller report and the man himself. On Wednesday, that basket fell to earth.

The entire morning was a painful disaster.

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