Muslim School Teacher DESTROYS Kids As Young As 4 With Bad Instruction

The fight against the Islamic terror group known to the world as ISIS is really a world-wide effort. Muslims sympathetic to the call of jihad are everywhere in the west, and, truthfully, it is up to western countries to put a stop to their material efforts where ever they are found.

Recently in Italy, a naturalized citizen who was originally from Egypt was arrested and charged with what we in the United States would call giving comfort to the enemy.

Anti-terrorism police arrested the man, identified in the media as 58-year-old Abdel Rahman, an Egyptian with Italian citizenship, in the city of Foggia in Puglia.

His bank accounts were seized and the centre he ran, Al Dawa, was searched and sealed off.

Accused of apology for terrorism and association for the purpose of terrorism, Rahman is said to have praised Isis attacks on social media and shared material glorifying the terrorist group.

He is suspected of attempting to spread similar propaganda at the cultural association of which he was president, and where he was in charge of teaching religious lessons to children as young as 4 years old, according to La Repubblica.

Secret recordings caught him telling youngsters to attack “unbelievers” with swords and bombs, the newspaper said.

We in America could do well to emulate this sort of no nonsense approach to eliminating the low level players in the push to recruit for ISIS. Non-profits are famously used as fronts to push agendas of all sorts of people. Islamists do the same. This man’s center in Italy was the sort of operation that should be targeted for infiltration and surveillance and at the federal level. It would be beneficial for the people at the tippy top of the American government to take note and perhaps work some of the Italian methods into our own madness when it comes to going after ISIS.

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