Myth Busted: Buying A Gun At Walmart Is Not Easy, It Turns Out

Gun control advocates are a preachy lot. They think they have all the answers to the dilemma of crimes committed with the weapons. We need background checks, firearms should not be so easy to purchase from retailers, makes bullets illegal, etc.

One of the latest laments has been that it is easier to buy a gun at Walmart than a host of other things. This notion has been circling the social media platforms of late, and one reporter decided to put the whole idea to the test. Hayley Peterson of Business Insider embarked on a mission to buy a gun at Walmart and found out it was a lot easier said than done.

After searching online and via telephone for hours for a Walmart that actually sells guns (not all of them do), Peterson located one about a half an hour from her home. After travelling there, the real story begins:

A selection of about 20 rifles and shotguns was displayed in a locked glass case behind the sporting-goods counter. The guns ranged in price from $159 to $474.

The counter in front of the guns displayed pocket knives, binoculars, and digital night-vision monoculars inside a locked case.

The selection of guns was limited compared with nearby gun stores, which offered dozens of different kinds of firearms, including handguns.

Walmart stopped selling handguns in the 1990s and removed military-style semiautomatic rifles, such as the AR-15, from stores in 2015….

Walmart last year raised the minimum age to purchase a gun or ammunition to 21. Walmart also sells a firearm only after receiving a “green light” on a background check, while federal law requires only the absence of a “red light” after three business days, he said.

“We videotape the point of sale for firearms, only allow certain associates to sell firearms, and secure firearms in a locking case with individual locks, among other measures,” McMillon said….

After a few minutes, a Walmart manager arrived at the gun-sales counter. She said I could not buy a gun that day because no authorized firearm sellers were scheduled to work.

So much for Walmart making it easy for criminals to get their hands on legal firearms. They must have another source off the books.

Peterson’s adventure did not stop there, though. Please visit her piece for the rest of the story.

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