Name Of President Trump’s Attorney’s THIRD Client Revealed – A Real SURPRISE

Unless you live under a rock and have not been up for a breath the past couple of weeks then you know President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen had his office, home, and hotel raided by the FBI and had all of his files, computers, and recordings seized by them.

Today Michael Cohen was ordered to appear in person in a federal court to answer questions in regard to who his clients are and to argue the legal issues of attorney-client privilege…

Some are arguing that Mr. Cohen has not been performing a legal function for anyone but has been involved in criminal activities. Mr. Cohen revealed the names of two of his clients, one being President Trump, the other being someone insignificant, and then the third he argued wanted to remain confidential.

Well, that apparently did not work out and the name of the third client has been revealed…

The name of the third client is none other than the infamous talk show host and staunch advocate and supporter of President Trump, Sean Hannity.

According to reports thus far Sean Hannity has known Michael Cohen for many years and has at least on one occasion sought legal advice from him.

Of course, the liberal media is going crazy and all giddy with thoughts that Sean Hannity is going down… You know, the usual symptoms we see when liberals have severe flare-ups of Trump Derangement Syndrome… LOL

Knowing how Sean Hannity deals with these things my bet is he confronts it head on and slaps down any of the liberal talk show hosts that go after his character…

As more information on this becomes available we will report on it and keep you informed!

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